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Links & Resources
Check out this site for "ideas worth spreading. From topics ranging from Astrophysics to Comedy, there are hundreds of short talks that are guaranteed to expand your knowledge and deepen your insight.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
A different picture of distant space is featured every day!

Hubble Telescope
If one picture a day doesn't cut it, then browse Hubble's photos. Visit the Gallery to see images of distant galaxies captured by the Hubble telescope, learn about the exciting discoveries the telescope has facilitated, get the recent news, or even get the Hubble app for your iphone or ipad.

The Ten Most Spectacular Geologic Sites
Courtesy of Smithsonian online magazine.

Geoscience Awareness Program
The Geoscience Awareness Program is designed to promote careers in geoscience, especially among under-served minorities.

If you are taking a chemistry class, either general or organic, then you will find this site useful. If a chemical is commercially available, then search for it on this site to find physical properties, compound data, and even 1H and 13C NMR spectra needed for your organic chem lab course (melting points, boiling points, density, NMR spectra, etc.)