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Why Columbus State

Surprisingly strong programs, surprisingly strong support

How do you get a four-year degree at a two-year college?

Designed to Transfer: Our Arts & Sciences division allows you to take the first two years of your bachelor's degree, then transfer to another college. We offer most of the same courses you'll find in your first two years at a four-year college.

Because our classes are designed to transfer, they are every bit as rigorous as what you find at a four-year school.


Community College support: We have small class sizes, ensuring you'll be able to look your professor right in the eye. We focus strictly on undergraduate education, not research, so all of our instructors are 100 percent devoted to the classroom. We don't even have teaching assistants.

Many students enjoy the personalized attention they get here. It's a great way to gear up for that big college up High Street.

Access to technology: We may be a community college, but you'll still get access to the latest technology. Go to our Teaching and Learning Innovation Center and check out the Mass Spectrometer, then walk over to Eibling Hall for a look at our modern lasers.