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STEM Summer Bridge Program

A head start in the STEM fields

STEM studentsOur STEM Summer Bridge Program is a tuition-free program designed to prepare Associate of Science majors for academic success at Columbus State.

Sign up today to get early exposure to college-level lab work and connect with fellow students in the STEM fields.

The 2014 STEM Summer Bridge Program
2 weeks, Monday – Friday
July 28 - Aug.1 and Aug. 4 - 7
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Students are required to attend all sessions.

Applications for the 2014 Summer Bridge program are no longer being accepted.


  • Fulfills the COLS 1100 requirement, so you won't have to take that course Autumn Semester and won't have to pay for it
  • The STEM Summer Bridge Program is provided at NO COST to FSOSP participants.
  • Connects you to a group of other incoming freshmen who share an interest in science (You will move through the A.S. program as a cohort.)
  • Introduces you to campus clubs and activities, including the STEM club
  • Provides unique connections with Columbus State faculty and staff
  • Helps you bridge the gap between high school work and college curriculum and expectations
  • Gives you an early exposure to the campus and classroom experience, including lab work and scientific research
  • Focuses on important success factors including study skills, campus resources, time management and others
  • Allows you to assess your academic level, providing individual guidance in areas of improvement

To qualify for the STEM Summer Bridge Program, you must:

  • Be accepted to Columbus State as a freshman entering a science-related major in Autumn 2014
  • Be able to attend all sessions over the 2-week period

Students with ACT scores of 22 or above in Math, and 19 or above in English will be given priority acceptance into the program.

For additional program information, email Program Coordinator Laura Shady,