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The Invisible Universe: Programs in Microbiology

kidsMicrobiology exercises are fun and easy to do. Some can begin in the school and be completed during your visit to Columbus State. Others can begin at the CSCC lab and be completed back in school. A visit to the microbiology lab can include practical experience on microscope usage, as well as visits to the full-size incubator and refrigerator.

GETTING THOSE GROSS GRIMY GERMS How effective is your disinfectant? This lab enables students to test the effectiveness of common household disinfectants. Then, take the prepared petri plates back to your classroom to measure and record your results.

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WHAT'S ON THOSE GRUBBY HANDS? Simple Stain What's on your hands after you touch that drinking fountain, or that door handle...or that toilet? Ugh! This exercise lets students prepare microscope slides using a simple stain technique. Their slides are then examined to see what microbes are present.

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WHAT'S ON THOSE GRUBBY HANDS? Gram Stain (recommended for grades 8 and up) Learn the techniques used by doctors and medical laboratories to visualize microbes from your body. Discover how the Gram Stain technique helps to determine medical treatment.

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MINTY MOUTHWASH, STERILE MOUTH? Advertisements say that mouthwashes kill the germs that cause bad breath, but do they really? What's the safest and best way to kill mouth germs? Do you really WANT to kill all the germs in your mouth?

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