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Anatomy & Physiology

Your Amazing Human Body: Anatomy and Physiology Programs

xrayHands-on exploration of the wonderful human body can be an exciting part of a CSCC Fantastic Fridays visit.  We offer exercises in both anatomy and physiology.

NOTE:  We ask that teachers obtain parent/guardian permission prior to scheduling exercises in anatomy.  Gloves and safety goggles will be provided for participating students and must be worn by all participants at all times.

THE EYES HAVE IT:  Explore the anatomy of the eye by participating in a hands-on dissection of the mammalian eye. 

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SPECIAL, SPECIAL SENSES:  Students can visit the Physiology laboratory and test their own—and classmates'—vision and hearing.  Tests of depth perception, visual field, balance and color vision are included. Great activity to partner with THE EYES HAVE  IT. 

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SUPERMAN, SUPERGIRL:  Use electromyography in the physiology laboratory to record muscle potentials and find out how strong your arm muscles are. VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY.

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CADAVER EXPLORATION:  change font  Students view and can choose to handle the prosected human cadaver. (GRADES 8 +)  PARENTAL PERMISSION MANDATORY. VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY.

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