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Spencer Gardner - Future Scientist

Spencer Gardner: Future Scientist

Columbus State provided a head start to a career in science.

At Columbus State, you can take a two-year degree, then transfer to a four-year school and finish your bachelor's degree. Our degrees are designed to transfer seamlessly to most public colleges in Ohio and a number of private schools. Many students also take a few courses here, then transfer.

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Associate of Arts Degree: This degree is designed to satisfy the general education requirements of most public colleges in Ohio. More

Associate of Science Degree: This degree is also designed to serve as the first two years of a bachelor's degree, although it is typically more technical. Check with your advisor to see which degree suits you best. More

Future Scientist

Take classes here, then transfer

Students often come here to take only a few courses, then transfer to another school. Sometimes they want to start here to get into the swing of college; other students take classes here while home on break.

Students here enjoy small class sizes, no teaching assistants, and tuition fees that are nearly a third of those at four-year colleges. They also find courses every bit as rigorous as those at four-year schools.

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Career & Technical Degrees: Future Scientist
In addition to Associate of Arts programs, we also offer associate degrees that give you a credential to get a degree immediately. Some of those are technical, such as Engineering or Environmental Science. Check with your advisor to determine what's right for you.