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The Appraisal program will be discontinued after Summer Semester 2016. Summer Semester will be the last chance to take Appraisal (APPR) courses.

inspectAppraisers are required to be licensed by the Division of Real Estate in order to perform mortgage loan appraisals in Ohio. Appraiser applicants must have a national criminal background check completed as part of the application process. Columbus State can help you start your appraisal education.

Catalog Description and Plan of Study

Here are the steps to becoming a licensed appraiser:


1. State Registered Real Estate Appraiser Assistant:  A candidate must first complete a minimum of seventy-eight (78) pre-registration education hours to become a state-registered assistant.  Columbus State students may add other general education classes to this schedule. The plan of study for your first two semesters of technical courses will include 80 classroom hours.

Semester                            Courses Credit Hours
    1 APPR 1101 – Principles of Appraisal         2
    2 APPR 1102 – Procedures of Appraisal
APPR 1103 – USPAP & Fair Housing



2.       State Licensed Residential Appraiser:

Category College-Level Course Requirements1 Credit Hours Work Experience
License 150 Classroom Hours (including previous 78)      2,000 Hours


3. Certified Residential Appraiser or Certified General Appraiser:

Certified Residential In lieu of the required degree, Twenty-one (21) semester credit hours covering the following subject matter courses:  English Composition; Principles of Economics (Micro or Macro); Finance; Algebra, Geometry or higher mathematics; Statistics: Introduction to Computers – word processing and spreadsheets; and Business or Real Estate Law. 21 Semester Hours - Associate degree or higher.   500 Hours 2,500  Total
Certified General In lieu of the required degree, Thirty (30) semester credit hours covering the following subject matter courses: English Composition; Micro Economics; Macro Economics; Finance; Algebra, Geometry or higher mathematics; Statistics; Introduction to Computers-word processing/spreadsheets; Business or Real Estate Law; and two (2) elective courses in accounting, geography; Ag-economics business management or real estate. 30 Semester Hours -Bachelor degree or higher.  500 Hours 3,000  Total

1 College-level courses and degrees must be obtained from an accredited college or university.

For more information regarding national education and experience requirements, please visit the Appraisal Foundation’s website at: or call 202.347.7722.

Columbus State can help you start your appraisal education. Here are the descriptions of the courses required to become a State-registered Appraisal Assistant:

APPR 1101: Principles of Appraisal (2 credits=30 classroom hours). This introductory course to appraisal establishes a firm foundation for principles, concepts, and procedures for implementation of the valuation process.  Coverage includes the nature of value, basic appraisal principles, federal reserve system, real estate markets, data collection and analysis, site and improvement descriptions, requirements for Ohio appraiser licensing or certification and professional appraisal designations.
Lecture: 2 hours  Lab fee: $2.00

APPR 1102Procedures of Appraisal (2 credits) This course covers the entire spectrum of the valuation process, centering on detailed implementation of the three approaches to valuation and correlating to a final conclusion of value.
Lecture: 2 hours  Lab fee: $2.00
Prerequisite: APPR 1101

APPR 1103: USPAP and Fair Housing (1.5 credit). 
Students will learn to apply the standards of the industry to the instruments of the appraisal process. This course covers the requirements for ethical and competent appraiser performance as set out by the Appraisal Foundation including history and functions of the Appraisal Foundation including history and functions of the Appraisal Foundation and the rules and standards of USPAP.
This course also covers Federal, state and municipal Fair Housing requirements.Lecture: 1.5 hours     Lab fee: $2.00

More Appraisal Course Descriptions

Costs include:

Tuition $132.60 per semester credit hour (Ohio Resident)
Lab Fee $2.00 per course
Books $70.00 (used in all of these courses)
Registration fee $50.00  (one-time fee if not paid previously)

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