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The Introduction to Psychology (PSY 1100) Community is a free tutoring resource for students who are having trouble with the content of their Intro to Psych courses and would like a professor's help.

If you are a PSY 1100 student this semester, you are already enrolled in this community. Log into Blackboard, click the My CSCC tab, and then choose Intro to Psychology Community from the list of Communities on the left-hand side.

Because the Community is available to all students who are taking PSY 1100 this semester, it is important that you only ask questions about content. In other words, the Community is not specific to one instructor, course section, or even type of course section (i.e. web, hybrid, and traditional students can all post). If you have a question about your specific section, it's important to talk with or email your instructor directly.

For Autumn 2012, the instructor monitoring this Community checks the boards on M-W-F sometime between 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM. If you post a question on Saturday, you may not see a reply until Monday the start of the next week.