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  • Program begins during Fall and Spring semsters (MULT 1950) and continues Spring or Summer (MULT 2950).

  • Program length: 1 or 2 semster options. If you are interested in becoming nationally certified, you are required to take the 2 semster option.

  • Credit hours: MULT 1950 - 3.5; MULT 2950 – 1.0

  • Tuition: See the CSCC website for the most current information regarding fees.

  • Lab fees: MULT 1950 - $55.00; MULT 2950 - $10.00

  • About fingerprinting: you will need to click the link below to obtain the instructions on how to complete the fingerprint process.  The link will provide all the directions to complete this process online.  This process must be done no later than 1 week prior to the beginning of the registration period for the upcoming semester.  NOTE:  Students with felony convictions are not permitted to enroll in Phlebotomy.

  • Clinical Placement: at the start of week 10, you are required to attend an unpaid clinical experience that is arranged by the program for a total of 48 hours (once a week for 8 hours during the last 6 weeks of the semester in MULT 1950). This is arranged on the same day of each of the last 6 weeks.  The clinical facilities are located in Columbus and its surrounding counties. You must provide your own transportation to the facility. Placement is based upon order of registration. 
  • This clinical experience is only available during the week (Monday-Friday) and only during the daytime (generally between 7 AM-5 PM). If you are unable to commit to this schedule, you are advised to not schedule MULT 1950 until you are able to do so.