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Blended Nursing

Blended Nursing program

The blended program is for those students who desire a combination of in-class and online course work

The program includes both online courses and hands-on experience. Therefore the student will still be committed to attend clinical and/or lab for 1 or 2 days per week depending on the number or credit hours per semester and the class/clinical arrangements. (Central Ohio area only)

Instruction for each of the courses is divided into two parts. There is a theory portion of the course, which will be delivered totally online and will include: online lectures, videos, discussion groups and other learning activities. The clinical and campus lab will be taught in the skills lab at Columbus State or a clinical site in the Central Ohio area.

The online student will be held to the same standards and take the same examinations as the traditional students, but will be doing interactive learning online rather than in a large lecture, group or small face-to-face seminar. This method of learning requires a student who is able to learn independently and has a high degree of motivation and organization.

Space in the traditional program is not guaranteed should a student decide that online learning is not for them and wish to switch to the in-class program.

Blended students follow the same plan of study as Traditional / In-Classroom students. Admissions requirements are also the same. Admissions Requirements