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 How do I sign up for nursing?

You must complete a Nursing Information Session online before you can submit your online application.  The application periods will be posted on the Nursing Webpage.

Can I work full time? 

It is possible to work full time if you are taking a part time course load but it is very difficult to work full time, attend classes full time, and be successful. The nursing program requires a great deal of studying and completion of clinical assignments. Students who have other significant time commitments often find it hard to be successful in nursing.

Should I sell my books back?

No, please don't sell back your textbooks. You will need to keep all your nursing books. They will be used throughout the nursing program. As we progress and add new books we will still refer to certain areas in the fundamental, skills and pharmacology texts. Whether to sell books from the support courses is your decision.

Do you have a completion program for LPNs?

An LPN seeking admission to nursing may be eligible to receive life experience credit for some of the early nursing credits. You will need to meet the admission requirements and complete the concurrent support courses (or receive transfer credit).

Do You Have a Student Nurse Association?

Yes we have an active chapter. If you are interested in joining, check the bulletin board on the 5th floor for information. The advisor is Susan Poling

Who do I go to for advice or help?

Before you enter nursing you can talk to a Health and Human Services advisor. Once you are accepted into the nursing program, you are assigned a nursing faculty advisor. He or she can help you with scheduling and answer all your questions about the nursing program.

Are there any restrictions on the nursing elective?

You must take a nursing or nutrition elective if you entered the Nursing program before Autumn 2016. Once you are admitted to the nursing program, your nursing advisor can assist you. If you enter the Nursing Program Autumn 2016 or after there is no nursing elective requirement but there are electives available if you choose to take one.