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Jazz Ensemble

A big band and jazz virtuoso has transformed a Columbus State music class into an active ensemble. Conductor Rick Brunetto holds the baton whether Music 135 is in the classroom or on the stage. And students aren’t the only ones who signed up for the multi-quarter euphonious experience.

The Jazz Ensemble explores a full range of jazz music, tailoring their efforts to each term's musicians and expanding performers' knowledge of various jazz styles and their characteristic sounds.  Students, faculty, and community members who play jazz instruments (drumset, guitar, acoustic/electric bass, keyboard, reeds, trumpets, trombones) gather on Wednesday evenings in TL123 to jam and rehearse jazz standards and develop their own distinctive skills.  The group performs selectively during the terms, and valuable connections in the greater world of jazz in Columbus are also fostered. Jazz Ensemble can be taken for course credit, or on a no-credit option.

For more information, contact Rick Brunetto, Director of the CSCC Jazz Ensemble.