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Gospel Vocal Ensemble

Gospel Vocal Ensemble is a course called MUS 170, but anyone can join in to make a joyful noise -- even if they're not in the course.

This course provides an opportunity for participants to prepare for performance of music primarily from the modern gospel and African-American vocal/choral tradition. The ensemble will:

  •  Render a minimum of one concert per quarter;
  • Provide musical performances for both CSCC and community-based events;
  • Encourage listeners and share universal love via expressing the praise, joy and energy that gospel music embodies

NO AUDITION IS REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION. Lead Vocalists will be selected via audition or at the discretion of the instructor. MUS 170 is open to students, community, faculty & staff.

This course provides students with an opportunity to:

  • Confidently demonstrate gospel music performance in a variety of settings;
  • Learn techniques to effectively engage and communicate with an audience
  • To integrate music performance with multi-media and other art forms that will assist in effectively conveying a message.
  • Increase understanding of lyrical interpretation and of singing in both unison and in harmony.
  • Improve techniques such as breath control, projection, pitch, use of dynamics, ad libbing, diction, and pronunciation.
  • Gain knowledge of gospel music’s rich heritage,
  • Expand musical horizons and learn to appreciate the various styles of gospel music.
  • Discover music’s power to reinforce group identity, and inspire people of different cultures.

Notable past performances: Statehouse, The Ohio Historical Society, King Arts Complex, Ohio Expo Center, African Village ArtsFest, Civil Rights Commission, Columbus Santa Maria, and numerous community malls, churches, correctional institutes and nursing homes. The ensemble provides musical performances for both CSCC and community-based events;