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Chorus Columbus State

Performing a wide variety of choral literature, Chorus Columbus State often performs in combination with the Columbus State Concert band or with members of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. Students, faculty and staff who participate choose from day or evening rehearsals. The Chorus is directed by Gordon C. Franklin.

Chorus Columbus State from Darrell Jones on Vimeo.                       


Why Join Chorus Columbus State?

Singing Matters!

According to studies from UC Berkeley, singing has many benefits.

Singing helps asthma or bronchitis sufferers because of the deep breathing. Singing boosts the immune system by increasing antibody levels. Singing with a choir builds self-confidence through group interaction.

Convenience and Ease!

Chorus Columbus State rehearses on campus in T&L Rm 123.

Two sections are offered:

  • MUS 180 (67390) Monday and Wednesday 12 – 1:20 pm.
  • MUS 180 (67389) Monday 5:30 – 7:50 pm.

Fun and Experience!

The group performs at least one concert per quarter with solo/duet opportunities available. The group consists of all different kinds of people with diverse backgrounds and prior singing experiences.

The group performs a variety of choral literature, from classical and folk to musical theatre and experimental works, and more!

Who may join?

Students, faculty and community members with prior singing experience are invited to join. You may join the Chorus for free (and fun!) for noncredit. Just inquire with Gordon C. Franklin, the director, or come to a rehearsal.

Columbus State offers classes for students without prior singing experience or who would like to develop their voice: MUS 102 Intro to Vocal Technique (1 credit) and MUS 103 Vocal Techniques II (1 credit) are offered every quarter.

For more information

Gordon C. Franklin
Chorus Columbus State Director
(614) 287-5046

Museum of Art performance

Chorus Columbus State, Directed by Franklin, in rehearsal for a performance at Columbus Museum of Art.        Photo credit: Harry Kitchen