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Basic Electrocardiography Certificate

Basic Electrocardiography Certificate:

This certificate provides the necessary information to correctly perform the twelve lead EKG, instrumentation source of error, explanation of result, an introduction to the healthcare, anatomy, and physiology of the heart, and basic dysrhythmia recognition. 


Educational Objectives:

Position the leads and operate the electrocardiography equipment correctly.

Obtain and prepare an electrocardiography recording for analysis by a physician.

Recognize and correct technical errors in an electrocardiography recording.

Provide safe, professional, direct patient contact, specifically in the areas of infection control, electrical safety, privacy and environment safety.


Admission Criteria:

Placement into English 1100

Completion of a current Health Record, Background Check, and Drug Screen. See the Background Check and Drug Screen tab within the Multi-Skilled website to download the forms to complete this process.



Dependent upon experience and training