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Essential Functions

labStudents enrolling in and graduating from a Medical Laboratory Technician program must meet the essential function requirements of the academic program and of the corresponding CLT/MLT profession with or without reasonable accommodations.

They must complete programs consisting of academic study, simulated laboratory practice, and clinical laboratory experience. Students must be able to contribute to the progress of their peers, complete tasks assigned by instructors and clinical supervisors, and provide services that contribute to the well-being of patients.

Essential functions represent the non-academic ability of the applicant or the student to accomplish the basic requirements of the Medical Laboratory Technology Program. These standards are based on the essential skill of the medical technology student/professional. They must be mastered in order to obtain credit for the educational program.

VISION The student must be able to identify sizes and shapes and discriminate colors or shades both macroscopically and microscopically.
COMMUNICATION The student must be able to communicate fluently in English by written and oral and/or alternate means. This includes the ability to successfully receive and transmit information. The student must also be able to read and follow instructions.
MOVEMENT The student must have the ability to freely maneuver around the assigned laboratory work areas and patient care settings.
MOTOR SKILLS The student must be able to safely and accurately perform diagnostic laboratory procedures. This includes, but it is not limited to lifting, operating instruments, performing manual tests, and performing phlebotomy.
EMOTIONAL STABILITY The student must be able to accurately perform laboratory duties in a stressful environment. This includes, but is not limited to, identifying and responding to emergency and routine situations.
ATTITUDINAL The student must achieve an average or above average in each of the areas listed in the Professional Attitudes Evaluation Form, Appendix 2 of the MLT Student Handbook.

Professional Attitudes Evaluation Form