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Apply to Medical Laboratory

If you are not a student at Columbus State Community College, please apply for admission. You can apply to the college on-line at or by calling (614) 287-5353 or 1-800-621-6407, ext. 5353 OR by visiting the Welcome Center, 101 Madison Hall at Columbus State Community College’s main campus.

Admissions Requirements — Grades and GPA: You must have an official transcript sent to the Columbus State Community College, Records Office, 550 East Spring Street, P. O. Box 1609, Columbus, Ohio 43216-1609, directly from your high school or college.

I am interested in:

Please list ALL progress on pre-requisite courses:

If courses were completed at another university/college make sure your transcript is on file in Columbus State's Records and Registration Department. Check "Yes" in the completed column if you have finished or are registered for the course during the Autumn 2012 term.  Check "No" if you will not have finished the course by the end of Autumn 2012 term.

Course Name & Number Completed Grade College / University
Placement in ENGL 1100
Completion of BIO 0100 (BIO 100)
Completion of MATH 1030 (MATH 103)
Completion of CHEM 1113 (CHEM 113)
Completion of MLT 1100 (MLT 100)
Completed health record
on file in Union Hall 134A
(Must be completed ASAP)


: Note: Program requires a GPA of 2.5 or higher

Written Statement of Interest and Intent:

All information on this application that I have completed is correct and true. I have read and understand all policies and procedures regarding application to the Medical Laboratory Technology Program. Submission of the form implies that you agree with the above statement.

Please press "Submit" only once, your application may take a moment to go through.

Please fill in all required fields outlined in red