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Mission & Goals

Medical Imaging Program Mission Statement

photo of instructor and student

The mission of the Columbus State Community College Radiography program is to provide a quality educational program that meets the life-long learning needs of its community. This is achieved by preparing graduates for entry-level employment as a Medical Imaging Science professional. This is consistent with the Columbus State Community College Mission Statement.

Program Goals:

The program holds as its primary objectives, the education and training of qualified applicants to become competent radiographers. The program endeavors to instill in students, and subsequently graduates the following program goals:

Goal 1. Professionalism

Develop graduates who will recognize the need for life-long learning in their chosen profession and graduate students with the ability to behave in a compassionate, ethical and professional manner.

1.1-Students will understand the importance of Professional Associations, membership in the Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists will be a programmatic expectation.
1.2-Students will demonstrate the importance of professional, ethical, and compassionate behavior.

Goal 2. Clinical Competence

To graduate students who will successfully complete all program requirements and exceed entry-level expectations of employers

2.1-Students will demonstrate competency in radiographic skills, patient care skills, and radiation safety
2.2-Graduates will exceed the expectations of entry level technologists as defined by A.R.R.T. curriculum guidelines
2.3-Students will practice radiation protection.

Goal 3. Program Effectiveness

3.1-Students will pass the A.R.R.T. exam on the first attempt
3.2-Graduates will express satisfaction with the Columbus State Radiography program
3.3-Students will successfully complete the Radiologic Technology Program
3.4-Students will be employed within six months of graduation

Goal 4. Critical Thinking

To develop applied skills in critical thinking and problem solving in the practice of the radiography profession.

4.1- Students will be able to select and modify technical factors.
4.2-Students will demonstrate competency in non-routine and trauma settings
4.3-Students will be able to evaluate images for radiographic quality

Goal 5. Communication Skills

Students will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills

5.1- Students will follow A.I.D.E.T. communication guidelines in the clinical setting, and interact with patients and staff in an effective manner.
5.2-Students will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills.