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The following are "brief syllabi," or abstracts, summarizing the course and its content. They are for reference only, and are not meant to be used in place of actual syllabi. Please note: Quarter courses and semester courses are not necessarily equivalent.

(for reference only-- current versions may differ)


MATH 1000 (Math For Health Care)

MATH 1010 Math for Business Applications

MATH 1020 (Beginning Algebra 1)

MATH 1025 Quantitative Literacy

MATH 1030 (Beginning Algebra 2)

MATH 1050 (Elementary Algebra)

MATH 1075 (Intermediate Algebra)

MATH 1099 Bridge to College Math

MATH 1110 (For Skilled Trades)

MATH 1113 (Technical Math)

MATH 1116 Math For Liberal Arts

MATH 1125 Concepts For Teachers I

MATH 1126 Concepts For Teachers II

MATH 1130 Business Algebra

MATH 1131 Calculus For Business

MATH 1148 College Algebra

MATH 1149 Trigonometry

MATH 1150 Pre-Calculus

MATH 1151 (Calculus 1)

MATH 1152 (Calculus 2)

MATH 1172 (Engineering Math A)

MATH 2153 (Calculus 3)

MATH 2173 (Engineering Math B)

MATH 2174 (Linear Algebra & Diff Eq)

MATH 2255 (Elem. Differential Eq.)

MATH 2366 Discrete Math Structures

MATH 2415 (O&P Differential Eq.)

MATH 2568 (Linear Algebra)

STAT 1350 Elementary Statistics

STAT 1450 Practice of Statistics

STAT 2430 (Business Statistics)

STAT 2450 (Intro Stat Analysis)

STAT 2470 (Prob/Stat for Eng/Sci)

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