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Frequently Asked Questions

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Placement Testing and
Course Prerequisites

In order to enroll in any Mathematics course at Columbus State, students must demonstrate their qualifications for the course by one of the following methods.

  • Complete the prerequisite course with a grade of "C-" or higher
  • Attain a sufficient score on the COMPASS Placement Test, or
  • Submit an official college transcript, or an official copy of a college grade report, that confirms a grade of "C" or higher for the course equivalent to the prerequisite.

If you have taken a course at a college that you believe to be equivalent to one of our course prerequisites, check the Transfer Guides for Selected Colleges on the Admissions Office homepage. Be aware that you will be asked to provide an official course description from your transfer institution.

Please note that an official transcript must submitted and evaluated by Records and Registration for transfer credit to become part of the student's academic record.


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Proficiency Testing

Proficiency tests are given at the sole discretion of the Chair of the Math Department, based on the student's academic background. There is a fee of $50 for proficiency testing. A score of 80% or higher must be attained in order to successfully pass a mathematics proficiency test, at which time proficiency credit will be awarded for that course. This credit will show up as an "X" on the student's transcript, and will fulfill that particular course requirement for any Columbus State program. The student will not receive a letter grade for the course, and the result of the proficiency test will not be calculated as part of the student's grade point average. Transient students who plan to transfer their Columbus State credits back to their home school should be sure to check with that school to verify that proficiency credit will satisfy requirements.

Proficiency testing is available for entering  (new) students who would like to gain credit by examination for one of our Math courses that they have not taken. Proficiency credit is not a "re-test," and may not be "substituted" for a student's final grade in a course. You may not seek proficiency credit for a course that you have already taken at Columbus State.

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Graphing Calculators

Many of our courses emphasize the use of a graphing calculator, and having one is essential to success in those classes. If your course requires a calculator, please purchase one, as you would a textbook or the other required materials for the class.

The CSCC Bookstore has new, and a limited number of used, TI-83 and TI-84 graphing calculators for sale. The Bookstore also has calculator buybacks at the end of every term. Other area stores and used electronics retailers also sell the TI-83 and TI-84-- shop around. The Mathematics Department does not loan out, buy back, sell, rent, or otherwise trade in calculators.