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Darrell Minor

Darrell Minor


Mathematics Department
current office hours

Office:  DH 440
Phone: (614) 287-5310

Educational Background:

  • B.S., Mathematics Education, The Ohio State University
  • M.S., Mathematics, The Ohio State University




Professional Affiliations:

The Ohio Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (OhioMATYC) The American Mathematical Association of Two-Years Colleges (AMATYC) The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)


  • Minor, Darrell.  "Parrondo's Paradox - Hope for Losers!" The College Mathematics Journal 34(1), January 2003, pp. 15-20.
  • Minor, Darrell.  "Beyond Pascal's Triangle."  The AMATYC Review 26(2), Spring 2005, pp. 19-26.
  • Minor, Darrell.  "Benford's Law - Using Logarithms to Detect Fraud."  Ohio Journal of School Mathematics (65), Spring 2012, pp. 52-57.
  • Minor, Darrell.  "Poverty, Productivity, and Public Health: The Effects of 'Right to Work' Laws on Key Standards of Living."  Thought and Action - The NEA Higher Education Journal (28), Fall 2012, pp. 17-29.
  • Minor, Darrell.  "Summing Squares and Cubes of Integers."  Ohio Journal of School Mathematics (72), Fall 2015, pp. 13-17.