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Enrollment Information

The next start date for the Massage Therapy Program is spring semester, 2018.  The current enrollment process required for acceptance to the Massage Therapy Program includes the following steps:

Step 1 – Admission to the College: The Columbus State admissions application form is online at:

Students should declare their program of study to be "PRE.MASS/ENTREP.ATS" or "PRE.MASS.ICRT" with Records and Registration or Student Central.

If the prospective student has not attended classes at Columbus State Community College for more than three years, the file may need to be reactivated. To reactivate your student file, call (614) 287-2453 or 1-800-621-6407, ext. 2453.

New students to the college and prospective applicants must take or have taken Placement Tests which are administered in the Testing Center located in Aquinas Hall. See the following website for specific hours, sample questions, and other details concerning this process:

Specific Program requirements for admission to the Degree or Certificate Programs:
* High school diploma or GED equivalency
* Applicant must be at least 18 years of age at the time classes begin
* Placement into ENGL 1100 – Composition I
* Placement into MATH 1104 – Mathematical Concepts for Business

* Completion of program pre-courses required to progress in MASS plans of study: COLS 1100, MULT 1110, and BIO 1112

Step 2 – Health & Human Services Advising: Schedule an appointment with a Health Advisor in the Health & Human Services Advising Office located in Union Hall - Room 477, for assistance with program questions:

Step 3 – Official Program Application: The prospective student should complete the Massage Therapy Program official application. Application deadlines are the last day of the semester prior to the beginning of the term the student intends to enroll (e.g. for an autumn semester start, the application deadline would be the last day of the preceding summer semester). The official application is only available at a Massage Therapy Information Session. Prospective students will be given a copy of the official application at the information session. Session dates and instruction to RSVP may be found on the Massage Therapy main page.

Step 4 – Written Statement of Interest and Intent:   The prospective student should compose a one page, double-spaced, typed, personal statement including reasons why they want to complete the Massage Therapy Program, how they are planning on ensuring success in this program, and discussion as to how they plan to utilize their education. The statement of interest and intent should be signed and submitted with the application packet.

Step 5 – High School or GED Transcript: Columbus State Community College must be provided with an official high school or GED transcript per the State Medical Board of Ohio and the Ohio Administrative Code – OAC 4731-1-15 (C).  This document is used to verify high school graduation or its equivalent which is required for admittance to the Massage Therapy Program. The transcript MUST be mailed (no faxed copies) directly to the Massage Therapy Program or Records and Registration BY THE ISSUING SCHOOL. PLEASE NOTE: Unofficial transcripts provided by the prospective student will not be accepted.

Step 6 – Name Change Documentation: The prospective student must provide a copy of documentation of any and all name changes to Columbus State Community College – Massage Therapy Program. Examples are a copy of a marriage license or a copy of a divorce decree, if a name change applies. If the prospective student does not have any name changes, a signed statement declaring that no name changes apply to the application packet should be included.

Step 7 – Student Handbook: The prospective student must read the Massage Therapy Program – Student Handbook in its entirety and then sign and submit the handbook acknowledgement form. 

Student Handbook

Step 8 – Mandatory Advising Session: The prospective student will be notified via email that the enrollment paperwork is complete and that an advising session must be scheduled with the faculty advisor or intake coordinator of the Massage Therapy Program. The mandatory advising session completes the final step of program acceptance.

Step 9 – Drug Screen and Background Check: Admission to the MASS program is contingent upon the successful completion of a drug screen and background check at the student's expense. The student should start this process within one week of receiving their acceptance email indicated in Step 8.

Drug Screen and Background Check Instructions

Completed Application Packet must include:
     1. Completed and signed official program application
     2. Statement of interest and intent
     3. Statement and/or documentation of applicable name changes
     4. Signed acknowledgement form from the Massage Therapy Program – Student Handbook

MAIL Completed Application Packet to:
Columbus State Community College
Massage Therapy Program – Attention: Stan Williams
550 East Spring Street
Columbus, OH 43215

As previously stated, once all program enrollment information has been received, the prospective student must schedule a meeting with the Massage Therapy Program faculty advisor, Rick Greely, or other designee of the program to complete the program acceptance process.

Students who decline the offer of admission, or fail to respond to the offer, must re-apply to be considered for a future class. The student must meet the admission criteria in effect for that class.

Students are responsible for maintaining awareness of the application procedures, the admission requirements and any changes made to those requirements. Any questions should be directed to the Massage Therapy Program offices located on the first floor of Union Hall.