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Philosophy Courses

Above each front door of the Old North High School on Arcadia Avenue in Columbus a brief phrase is engraved in stone. One states: "Think clearly." The other: "Act rightly."

At Columbus State we see these goals as the principal fruits of philosophy. The study of philosophy helps us to reason more clearly, though not for the sake of knowledge that will impress others. Instead, the clear reasoning should lead to right living, to help us cultivate wisdom so we can do our part to build a more just society.

These links between philosophical thinking, human excellence, and a better society we can appreciate through reflective study of core texts and ideas developed over 2,500 years of our philosophical tradition..

What we offer

We do not offer a degree in Philosophy, however; Philosophy is an important part of the Arts & Sciences transfer degree. Many students from the Career & Tech fields take Philosophy to fulfill electives and to improve their critical thinking. Students also take our Philosophy classes and transfer them to four-year schools.