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Plan of Study


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Over the last several decades, the human resource function has evolved into an extremely complex profession requiring an understanding of how each facet of human resources management impacts another and the organization as a whole. The plethora of federal and state laws regulating all aspects of the employee/employer relationship, compounded by conflicting judicial interpretations, require professionals skilled in understanding and applying these laws to day-to-day management decisions. Wrong decisions, by any representative of the organization, in hiring, discipline, termination, or the way employees are treated, may result in a multimillion dollar lawsuit, costing thousands of dollars in legal fees, even if the company prevails legally.

Senior management has begun to recognize that human resource management professionals, skilled in human resource and labor law, labor relations, policy development and administration, compensation and benefits, and employee relations, make a positive impact on a firm’s bottom line.

Columbus State’s Human Resources Management Technology program teaches human resources management skills in a hands-on learning environment that bridges academic theory with “real world” applications. Students receive a foundational background in the many legal issues impacting human resources management, and they learn how to apply their comprehensive knowledge to a wide spectrum of human resources management functions.

Upon completion of the Associate Degree in Human Resources Management Technology, the graduate will be able to:

  • Research and apply human resources laws, cases, and issues using the Internet and other resources
  • Apply human resources laws impacting private sector employers’ day-to-day business operations
  • Write, interpret, and communicate legal human resources policies, procedures, programs and employee handbook summaries for an organization
  • Administer origination, retention, and disposal of manual and automated records to support the key tasks of the human resources department and meet the legislative requirements with which the organization must comply
  • Develop protocol for and conduct the various types of interviews used in business
  • Develop a job analysis questionnaire and write job descriptions and job specifications
  • Develop/administer a monetary compensation system
  • Develop/administer employee benefit programs
  • Develop/administer a performance appraisal system
  • Develop/administer workplace safety programs
  • Develop and present employee training programs on human resources issues using in-person and computer based presentation methods
  • Provide assistance in the union organizing, negotiating, grieving, and arbitrating processes.

Traditional Classes and Online/Distance Learning Choices

The Human Resources Management Technology program is proud to offer traditional and online/distance learning (DL) options for our students. The traditional classroom experience continues to provide students with high quality instruction in a small classroom setting, primarily on campus. The basic human resources course, HRM 1121, and the Labor Relations course, HRM 1225, are offered at Regional Learning Centers at least once per year. The Human Resources Management Technology courses offered online/distance learning mode provides the same high quality learning as traditional instruction, yet with the flexibility of being able to complete course work online or through video-based instruction. Courses offered online include HRM 1121 Human Resources Management, HRM 1225 Labor Relations, HRM 2224 Human Resource Records Management, HRM 2223 Workplace Safety (Hybrid), and HRM 1827 Voluntary Benefits.

Human Resource Management Major

Semester 1 . .
COLS 1100 First Year Experience Seminar  1
ENGL 1100 Composition I  3
BOA 1200 Business Language  2
CSCI 1101 Computer Concepts & Applications  3
BMGT 1111 Management  3
BOA 1300 Business Applications  2
HRM 1121 Human Resources Management  3
Semester 2 . .
LEGL 2064 Legal Environment of Business  3
HRM 1222 Personnel Interviewing  2
HRM 1223 HR Policy & Procedure Writing  3
HRM 1224 Employee Training  3
HRM 1225 Labor Relations  3
STAT 1350 Elementary Statistics  3
Summer Semester . .
HRM 1825 Monetary Compensation  3
HRM 1826 Mandatory Benefits  3
HRM 1827 Voluntary Benefits  2
COMM 2268 Intercultural Communication  3
BOA 1117 Payroll  1
Semester 3 . .
HRM 2221 Staffing Under the Law  3
HRM 2223 Workplace Safety  3
HRM 2224 HR Records Mgt  2
ECON 2200 Principles of Microeconomics  3
HUM XXXX Refer to Approved List  3
Semester 4 . .
HRM 2240 Administration of Human Resources  3
HRM 2901 HRM Practicum/Seminar  3
XXXX XXXX Natural Science – Refer to approved list  4
POLS 1100 Intro to American Government  3


HART 1201 History of Art I  3
HART 1202 History of Art II  3
HIST 1111 European History to 1648  3
HIST 1112 European History since 1648  3
HIST 1151 American History to 1877  3
HIST 1152 American History since 1877  3
HIST 1181 World Civ I: Non-Western/Non-Amer/1500  3
HIST 1182 World Civ II: Non-Western/Non-Amer/Since 1500  3
HIST 2223 African American History I:  1451-1876  3
HIST 2224 African American History II:  1877-Present  3
HUM 1100 Introduction to Humanities  3
HUM 1270 Comparative Religions  3
MUS 1251 Survey of Music History  3
PHIL 1101 Introduction to Philosophy  3
PHIL 1130 Ethics  3


ASTR 1141 Life in the Universe  3
ASTR 1161 The Solar System  3
ASTR 1162 Stars and Galaxies  3
ASTR 1400 Astronomy Laboratory  1
BIO 1111 Introduction to Biology  4
BIO 1112 Human Biology   4
BIO 1113 Biological Sciences I  4
BIO 1114 Biological Sciences II  4
BIO 1125 Plant Biology  4
BIO 1127 Environmental Science I  4
BIO 2215 Introduction to Microbiology  4
BIO 2232 Human Physiology  4
CHEM 1110 Chemistry and Society  5
CHEM 1111 Elementary Chemistry I  4
CHEM 1112 Elementary Chemistry II  4
CHEM 1171 General Chemistry I  5
CHEM 1172 General Chemistry II  5
GEOL 1101 Introduction to Earth Science  4
GEOL 1105 Geology and the National Parks  3
GEOL 1121 Physical Geology  4
GEOL1122 Historical Geology  4
GEOL 1151 Natural Disasters  3
PHYS 1103 World of Energy  3
PHYS 1106 Physics by Inquiry: Properties & Motion  5
PHYS 1200 Introductory Algebra-Based Physics I  5
PHYS 1201 Algebra-Based Physics II  5
PHYS 1250 Calculus-Based Physics I  5
PHYS 1251 Calculus-Based Phys II 5