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Destiny Hackney

photo of female student
Destiny Hackney

Destiny was already a student at Columbus State when she discovered the Honors Program and applied. "I work as a Social Media ambassador for the college, and one of my co-workers was in the Honors Program. I thought it would be great to have that on my transcript when I transfer to OSU."

Now that she's taking Honors classes, Destiny is enjoying the challenge of more in-depth course material. "My honors class is definitely my favorite class this semester. It feels like we go so much deeper into the topics and material."

With plans to enter the Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability (EEDS) program at Ohio State, Destiny is working toward her Associate of Science at Columbus State. "I really want to help start businesses that are focused on sustainability. The environment is so important – being aware of the issues is key in minimizing the damage that we can unknowingly cause."

Destiny plans to use her education to influence the national conversation on sustainability by developing businesses that minimize their carbon footprint and develop best practices that positively influence the corporate world.