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Alexander Dyer

photo of male student
Alexander Dyer

The valedictorian of his high school graduating class, Alex Dyer had endless opportunities when it came to picking a college. “My high school teachers were kind of surprised that I chose Columbus State, but I’m really glad I did. It’s a quality education and I knew it was the right step for me.” he says.

On his college tour of Columbus State, Alex heard about the Honors Program and was immediately interested. “I liked the idea of having a community of like-minded students who are passionate about learning. My high school only had 300 students total, so that was something that was missing for me. It seemed like a great way to be in a group I can relate to.”

In the Honors Program, Alex has not only made close friends with the other students, but also with the faculty. “The classes are smaller, and the professors really get to know you. They care what grades you get of course, but it goes beyond that. They really take the time to help you in any way you need.”

Coming into the Honors Program, Alex was initially worried about the challenge. “Through the program, I’ve found out I’m a lot more capable than I thought,” he says with a smile. “I was really uncertain about college and if I could succeed, but now I’m confident.”

After receiving his Associate of Arts, Alex plans to transfer to Ohio University to earn a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology, go on to graduate school and pursue a career in teaching and/or researching. But not immediately. “I’m taking a gap year to hike the Appalachian Trail,” he says.

To students in the college search process, Alex says, “Don’t be afraid to take your own path. What people tell you doesn’t always match reality.” Alex is proof positive that there’s more than one way to achieve your goals.