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Geoscience Awareness Program

Welcome to the Geosciences Awareness Program (GAP-CSCC) website.  The primary goal of this website and the involved faculty, is to promote the many aspects of the geosciences to the under-represented minority (URM,) and to get the URM students more involved in understanding and possibly pursuing careers in the science technologies, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. 

South Bass IslandObjective

The goals of the GAP-CSCC program will be achieved by using a number of methods. The GAP-CSCC program will have quarterly lectures covering a number of geoscience topics, ranging from geo-careers to earth processes to energy resources, to increase the awareness of the role of the earth sciences and possibly promote the URM students to pursue a career in a geoscience or related field.  The website will also include a list of speakers, with the lectures recorded and posted, geology related news items, geology experiments, and links to interesting websites that will be useful to the students.


Dr. Jean Claude Ba

Eastern-Ohio-CoalDr. Larry Mayer

Dr. Jeffery G. Richardson

Principal Investigators:

Our investigators are:

Dr. Adetunji

Dr. Carey

Dr. Mayer


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