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We will perform network maintenance on Wednesday, which may affect some services.


Can I obtain the certificate at night or on the Web?

Yes. All GIS classes required for the certificate will be taught at night and/or on the Web.

Can I transfer to a 4-year college?

Columbus State has an agreement with Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.  Through this agreement, Franklin University will accept all credits taken at Columbus State and apply them to a Bachelor of Applied Management degree.

Columbus State is also working to establish transfer programs with other 4-year institutions. At present we accept some GIS transfer classes from other universities and are creating transfer agreements for many of our classes to other universities.

Can I become certified or registered in GIS?

Yes, the GIS Certification Institute offers a GIS Professional Certificate called a GISP.

For more information on the Institute and the GISP, please visit the GIS Certification Institute.