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Where is the Business Programs Department located?

The Business Programs Department is located in Delaware Hall. The main office is located on the second floor of Delaware Hall in Room DE 259. Business Management Faculty offices are also located on the second floor of Delaware Hall. The college web site has a map of the campus and parking locations for your referral.

How do I talk or meet with an advisor?

Faculty advisors are assigned to students based on the first letter of their last names. Click on your major on the left side of the Business Programs web site and you’ll see the list of advisors and their contact information.

Contact the faculty member whose name appears to the right of the first letter of your last name. If your question(s) relate to a Certificate or a particular area, please directly contact the assigned faculty member for this advisory assistance.

Please note that faculty advisors are available for advising only during their office hours during the academic quarters. Faculty are not available for advising during semester breaks and weekends, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. Hours are limited and vary by faculty advisor. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with your advisor using e mail and be sure to include your Cougar ID # and a brief summary of your question(s). Generally, you’ll receive a faster response by e mail for most questions or concerns.

A list of Faculty advisors is provided on this Website and they are also listed on the “back side” of all programs of study.

Do I need to take the prerequisites listed for a course?

Most courses are built upon foundations which presume previous knowledge and skills. Even though you may have been exposed to certain concepts, faculty need to be certain that you have the necessary capabilities to handle the material in that particular class. These prerequisites, if any, are required and are shown in the catalog.

How do I register for classes?

Registration should be completed as soon as the registration period begins for a new quarter, so you will not get closed out of a particular class. You may go to online registration at Also, you may register in person at the Registrar’s Office in Madison Hall.

Will my Columbus State credits transfer to another institution?

If you are aiming to transfer to a particular college or institution, we strongly recommend that you contact the college or institution that you are targeting. You’ll want to discuss transferability directly with that college’s advisors. Colleges vary widely in which courses transfer or not.

Will Columbus State accept my courses from another institution?

That depends on many factors including the institution from which the credit was given, the time elapsed since the credit was given, and the course objectives which were covered. You’ll need to provide the Columbus State Records and Registration department with official transcripts from previous colleges.

Can I complete my degree in two years?

Our plans of study do allow for completion in a two year period. However, students can take more time to complete a degree. Each student has widely varying family, work and other responsibilities, so only you can determine how long it will take you to complete the required coursework for the program you select.

What happens if the curriculum (plan of study) changes?

Our curriculums (or plans of study) change periodically. When students enroll in one of our plans of study, they are required to commit the current catalog of courses. If a plan of study changes, the student has the option to stay with their original plan or change to the new one. Your faculty advisor can help you decide which plan would be the most advantageous for you.

Can I take all courses via distance learning?

Most courses are available via the internet, and are referred to as distance learning. However, some courses are not available in a distance learning mode. This may occur. For instance, when the course is first offered (it’s desirable in most cases to first deliver a new course in the classroom before offering it via distance learning mode). You’ll need to check the course offerings each quarter which displays classes offered via the “web” or in the classroom.

When do I need to submit my petition to graduate” How do I do this?

Refer to the academic calendar for the specific date by which you need to submit your Petition to Graduate. We recommend that you send an e mail (be sure to include your full name and Cougar ID#) or visit with your advisor the last couple weeks of the quarter before you expect to graduate. This allows time for you and your advisor to carefully review your academic records and be sure that you’ve met all requirements.

When I have completed all the courses to meet the certificate requirements, how do I apply and receive the certificate?

Certificates are issued and mailed by the Business Programs Department. You will need to complete the Petition for Certificate which may be found on the reverse side (“back side”) of every Plan of Study. Then, submit this certificate to the Certificate advisor listed on the Faculty list or submit it to the Business Management Office located at DE 259 on the second floor of Delaware hall.

Should I take classes online or in the classroom?

This is an individual decision that depends on many variables including your work schedule, your access to a personal computer, your computer competency skills, and your learning style preference. Many students possess computer skills and have access to a personal computer, but recognize they may need the discipline and/or the classroom environment for their unique earning style. This is a decision you’ll need to make based on the above variables.