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Robyn Lyons-Robinson, Chairperson
M.A., The Ohio State University
Office: Nestor 456
Phone: 614-287-3657
Specializations: Composition and literature. Contributing editor for Discovering Communities.

Judith Anderson, Professor
M.A.; M.F.A., The Ohio State University
Office: Nestor 462
Phone: 614-287-5822
Specializations: Composition and Creative Writing, and Adjunct Observation Coordinator

Deborah Bertsch, Professor
B.A. Northern Kentucky University M.A., Miami University of Ohio
Office: 4100 Nestor Hall
Phone: 614-287-5680
Courses: First Year Composition
Specializations: Rhetoric and Composition; Writing Center Studies; Dual Credit

Rachel Brooks-Pannell, Assistant Professor
M.A., Ohio University
Office: Nestor 499
Phone: 614-287-2328
Courses: ENGL 0190, ENGL 1100, and ENGL 2367
Lead Instructor: Dual Credit / College Credit Plus Lead Faculty
Specializations:Rhetoric and Composition, and Honors English

Don E. Bruce, Associate Professor
A.A., Clark State Community College B.A.; M.A., Wright State University
Office: Nestor 457
Phone: 614-287-2078
Lead Instructor: Distance Learning Lead
Specializations: Composition and Rhetoric. Prior to joining CSCC, Don Bruce covered police, court, and fire cases as a newspaper reporter, freelance wrote for an automotive trade journal, and served as a heavy equipment mechanic in the U.S. Air Force.

Dylan Canter, Instructor
B.A., The Ohio State University
M.A., The Ohio State University
Office: Nestor 451
Phone: 614-287-2536 Email:
Courses: COLS 1100, ENGL 1100, ENGL 2367, and ENGL 2220 (Intro. to Shakespeare)
Lead Instructor: Computer Classrooms Lead / Comp. Bank and Department Website Lead
Specializations: Dylan Canter has a prior background in 20th Century Latino/a Literature, Sexuality Studies, and Modernist Literature.

Shawn Casey, Assistant Professor / Writing Center Coordinator
B.A., Antioch College; Ph. D., The Ohio State University
Office: Columbus Hall 102B (Writing Center) 
Phone: 614-287-2261 Email:
Courses: Introduction to Composition, Composition I, Composition II, and U.S. Literature
Specializations: Literacy Studies, Writing About Writing (WAW), Dual Credit, English and American Literature before 1900; Coordinating Editor for Et al., An Online Journal of Excellence in Writing Across the Curriculum.

Crystal Robinson Clark, Professor 
M.A., The Ohio State University M.T.S., Methodist Theological School 
Office: Nestor 496 
Phone: 614-287-5451 
Courses: Composition, Literature, and Creative Writing

Crystal Danley, Annual Contract Faculty
M.A., Youngstown State University
Office: Nestor 497
Phone: 614287-2531
Specializations: Composition & Rhetoric. American Studies. Member of the Writing Across the Curriculum Program at The Ohio State University. Interests include Writing Across the Curriculum, popular culture: the influence of Hip-Hop on American culture, why The Twilight Zone still matters, the influence of the media on the self.

Zachary Dilbeck, Instructor
B.A., Southern Illinois University (English) M.A., University of Phoenix (Education) M.A., Western Illinois University (English Ph.D., (ABD), Idaho State University (English and the Teaching of English)
Office: Delaware Campus, DA-113
Phone: 740-203-8071
Specializations: Fantasy and the Fantastic, Tolkien Studies, Anglo-Saxon Literatures and Old English. Have taught composition and literature, as well as served as a writing and math tutor, at WIU, ISU, Zane State, and for the past two years at the Delaware Campus. As far as composition instruction is concerned, interested in experimenting with digital/online technologies--especially those that encourage collaboration--and WAC/writing for the disciplines.

Ingrid Emch, Professor
Ph.D., Union Institute & University
Office: Nestor 459
Phone: 614-287-5824
Lead Instructor: ENGL 0190 & 1099 Specializations: Composition and Rhetoric

Susan Flatt, Assistant Professor
M.A., University of Miami (FL)
Office: Nestor 458
Phone: 614-287-5978
Specializations: Rhetoric and Composition

Lisa Gordon, Associate Professor
M.Ed., The Ohio State University
Office: Nestor 452 Phone: 614-287-5293
Courses: ENGL 0190, ENGL 0190 Blended, ENGL 1100, ENGL 1100 Web, and ENGL 2767
Lead Instructor: ENGL 10190
Specializations: STEMM Writing, Service-Learning, English College-Readiness, and Developmental Education

David A. Grant, Professor
B.S., The Ohio State University M.A., New York University Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Office: Nestor 4105
Phone: 614-287-3658
Courses: ENGL 2201, ENGL 2202, ENGL 2280, ENGL 2367, and ENGL 2267
Lead Instructor: Literature
Specializations: Literature, Composition, Business Communication, and Lead Instructor of Literature and Media Ordering

Steve Kaczmarek, Professor
M.A., The Ohio State University
Office: Nestor 454
Phone: 614-287-5977
Email: Specializations: Composition, literature, creative writing, business communication, and freshman experience. Faculty Advisor, Korean Student Association. Book reviewer and business consultant. Co-author of Business Communication: Building Critical Skills.

Kip Knott, Assistant Professor
M.F.A., Alaska - Fairbanks
Office: Nestor 460
Phone: 614-287-5203
Composition and creative writing.

Nicholas Lakostik, Assistant Professor
B.A., Ohio University
M.A., University of Akron
Office: Nestor 4102
Phone: 614-287-5784
Courses: ENGL 0190, ENGL 1100, and ENGL 2367
Lead Instructor: ENGL 1100

Sue V. Lape, Professor
M.A.; Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Office: Nestor 4103
Phone: 614-287-2533
Lead Instructor: ENGL 2367

Stephen Logan, Assistant Professor
B.S., Ohio University
M.A., University of Toledo
Office: Nestor 493
Phone: 614-287-2064
Lead Instructor: ENGL 2367

Ann Elisabeth Palazzo, Professor
B.A., University of Michigan
M.A., Notre Dame
Office: Nestor 461
Phone: 287-5911
Lead Instructor: Distance Learning Faculty Fellow
Specializations: Ann Palazzo received the University of Notre Dame’s graduate William Mitchell award for her collection of short stories Fireflies and has had her fiction and poetry published in The Juggler, Eclipse, Spring Street, and The Bend. Palazzo is Associate Professor in the English Department at Columbus State and teaches Creative Writing, Writing Fiction, and Writing Creative Nonfiction.

Joan Petrusky, Assistant Professor
M.A., Pittsburg State
Office: Nestor 4111
Phone: 287-5820
Email: Specializations: Joan has a background in Early Twentieth Century Literature and Film Studies and has taught Composition here at CSCC for eleven years.

Nancy F. Pine, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Delaware Campus
Office: DA 114
Phone: 740-203-8072
Email: npine@cscc.eduCourses: ENGL 0190, ENGL 1100, and ENGL 2367 — Distance Learning and Service-Learning Sections
Lead Instructor: Dual Credit
Specializations: Service-Learning, Vice-Chair Delaware Faculty Committee, Chair of the English Department Success Committee, Co-Leader of the CSCC Student Veterans’ Writing Group, and Co-Facilitator of the “In My Own Words” Composition Student Writing Forum

Rita Rice, Professor
M.A., The Ohio State University
Office: Nestor 4106
Phone: 287-5818 Courses: ENGL 2367, ENGL 2240, ENGL 2276, ENGL 2210, ENGL 2260, ENGL 2265, and ENGL 2281
Specializations: Creative Writing, American and British literature, Science Fiction Studies, Honors Program Co-Chair, Honors Student Advisory Council Advisor, and Society of the Compass Co-Chair

Dr. Rebecca L Fleming, Assistant Professor
B.A., St. Bonaventure University M.A., Ohio University Ph.D., Miami University of Ohio
Office: Nestor 453
Courses: ENGL 0190 and ENGL 1100 Lead Instructor: ENGL 1100 Specializations: Rebecca has a PhD in nineteenth century women’s rhetorical education, focusing on how the missionary call allowed for more rigour to be acceptable in women’s education at some religious schools, an education that was often limited to decorative arts. She is a reviewer for TETYC journal (Teaching English in the Two-Year College), and a Phi Theta Kappa advisor.

Lisa Schneider, Arts & Sciences Associate Dean
M.A., The Ohio State University
Phone: 614-287-3828
Office: Nestor 450

Chris Smith, Annual Contract Faculty
Ph.D., The Ohio State University Office: Nestor 448
Phone: 614-287-2531
Specializations: Research and teaching interests include sequential art, popular culture, and postmodern American fiction.

Rebecca (Beki) Test, Associate Professor
M.A., The Ohio State University (Creative Writing and 19th Century American Literature
Office: Nestor 4101
Phone: 287-5093
Email: Courses: ENGL 2567: Writing about Gender, ENGL 2270: Introduction to Folklore, and ENGL 2367: Writing about Identity Specializations: Poet, Folklorist, and Co-Chair of the Veteran's Writing Program

Heather Thompson-Gillis, Instructor
B.A., Denison University M.A., Miami University of Ohio Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Office: Nestor Hall 4110
Phone: 614-287-5096
Courses: ENGL 0190, ENGL 1100, ENGL 1100S, ENGL 1100H, ENGL 2367, ENGL 2276, and ENGL 2290
Lead Instructor: English 0190 Assistant Lead Instructor
Specializations: My graduate work was in Nineteenth Century American Literature and Women’s Literature. I’m currently the Arts and Sciences Service-Learning Faculty Fellow.

Mike Wright, Assistant Professor
M.A., Ohio University
Delaware Campus
Office: Nestor 455
Phone: 614-287-2777
Lead Instructor: Creative Writing