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Quality Assurance Technology

Quality Assurance

facultyIndividuals who have high standards, are logical and observant, good at problem solving, and have an investigative mind, are a great fit for a career as a Quality Assurance Technician. Quality assurance technicians are responsible for monitoring, testing, and continuously improving the quality of products and services for today’s businesses.

Coursework in Columbus State’s Quality Assurance program will include an introduction to manufacturing, statistical process control, value engineering, and technical writing. Participants will study and practice the major elements and concepts of total quality management, including principles and styles of systems thinking, continuous improvement, management by data, and historic influences of leaders in quality management. Students will learn statistical methods to determine reliability, the effectiveness of data analysis, the use of simulations, and ways to improve system performance.

Graduates will find a wide range of opportunities in fields as diverse as manufacturing, banking, insurance, or food processing. A valuable member of the business team, grads will apply the tools of their chosen field in a problem-solving process to achieve significant gains for the company–such as product improvement, reducing scrap, shortening cycle time, and improving profitability. Quality assurance technicians have the satisfaction of working in an area that is essential, not only to profitability, but to survival of the business.

Official Catalog Description & Plan of Study 2016-2017

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