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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

studentIndividuals who are mechanically inclined and like to solve problems can have a satisfying career in the field of engineering that creates machines to work for people: Mechanical Engineering.

Columbus State’s Mechanical Engineering Technology program prepares students to enter this growing profession where the pool of applicants does not meet the demand. The program presents an inside look at the manufacturing process, as well as highlights skills with drafting, computers, and troubleshooting. Coursework includes an introduction to manufacturing technology, hydraulics, robotics, materials science, and computer aided drafting and manufacturing.

Graduates are qualified to assist engineers in the industrial, consulting, scientific research and consulting communities or to transfer to a four-year college to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology degree.

Engineering technology teaches students how to organize thoughts and approach problems–processes which are not only critical to their work, but also beneficial in everyday life. Mechanical engineering skills can take graduates anywhere–from designing stronger yet lighter helmets for the NFL to creating wheelchairs that are more maneuverable.

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