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Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Electro-Mechanical Engineering Associate Degree

studentThe Electro-Mechanical program is a marriage of Columbus State’s Mechanical Engineering Technology and Electronics Engineering Technology programs. The skills electro-mechanical technicians possess are used in virtually every industry–from manufacturing, to environmental control, to food and pharmaceutical production, to power plants. Electro-mechanical technicians are immediately able to contribute to the companies that hire them.

Electro-mechanical technicians are in great demand. Any industry that uses electrical components and/or has any level of automation and process control needs and will always need EMEC technicians. Electro-mechanical engineering technicians perform both preventive and corrective maintenance on electro-mechanical systems as well as aiding in the design of such systems. The most rewarding part of this field is the variety and creativity it affords. EMEC technicians use their knowledge and skills to solve problems and come up with creative solutions daily

Catalog Description & Plan of Study 2013-2014

Course Descriptions

Information Technology Support Technician

Students interested in a computer technology systems career path should consider the Information Technology Support Technician. This program prepares the student to enter career fields related to computer technology systems and support.

The program major’s focus includes:

  • Preparing the student for the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam, CompTIA Network + and Linux + operations/testing
  •  Preparing the student for the CISCO CCNA Certification Exam
  • Demonstrating and applying effective tools and strategies for supporting and troubleshooting hardware and software
  •  Analyzing strategies for troubleshooting and debugging Networks and Network Devices
  • Developing expertise in supporting both proprietary and Open Source software and operating systems.
  •  Applying effective interpersonal skills and communication.

Catalog Description & Plan of Study 2012-2013

Catalog Description & Plan of Study 2013-2014

Course Descriptions