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Early Childhood Development

Brief History

The Early Childhood Development and Education program had its origins in childcare classes that were first offered in the Autumn of 1977 to experienced practitioners working in the field. The program received degree-granting status from the Ohio Board of Regents on September 14, 1987 and was approved by the Ohio Department of Education to prepare students for the Pre-Kindergarten Associate Teaching certificate the next year. In recent years the coursework has been updated and revised into a state-of-the-art-program.

The Mission

The mission of the Early Childhood Development and Education Program is to provide a sound academic and professional education, encompassing both intellectual and affective qualities, for a career in early childhood education.


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Delaware Campus

Li Yang
DA -128B
Delaware Campus
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Main Campus

Melanie Adams
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Li Yang
DA - 128B Delaware Campus
(740) 203-8218