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Practicum Information

Important Dates for SP18

Practicum 3 applications due (Administration and Community Settings only) October 2
Practicum 3 Administration and Community Settings applicants notified of decision October 13 (these classes will remain open until filled
Practicum 1 Orientation

October 7, 1-3 pm (must RSVP)

or October 11, 6-8 pm (must RSVP)

or complete the online Orientation (contact Amy Smith-Gonzalez)

Registration begins October 16
Applications to Complete Practicum at Place of Employment due October 13
Practicum Placement Request Form due Practicums 1, 2 & 3 October 27
Deadline to submit requests for Columbus City Schools November 1
***Absolute deadline to turn in Background check, Non-conviction and Medical forms*** October 27
Students notified of placements November 13
Letter of Agreement due December 11



Practicum Information

Practicum experiences are an integral part of the Early Childhood Development and Education Program. Associate of Applied Science students will complete three supervised practicum experiences:

  • Practicum 1 - ECDE 2910 Infants and Toddlers
  • Practicum 2 - ECDE 2920 Preschool
  • Practicum 3 - Students choose one of the following:
    • Practicum 3 - ECDE 2930 Preschool
    • Practicum 3 - ECDE 2932 Administration (requires an application and acceptance by ECDE faculty)
    • Practicum 3 - ECDE 2933 Community Settings (requires an application and acceptance by ECDE faculty)

While enrolled in a practicum experience, students will spend time in an early childhood classroom directly involved with children, supported by a mentor teacher, to develop professional skills for working in the field of Early Care and Education. Practicum experiences provide students with opportunities to interact with young children in an early childhood setting; observe children and teachers; work with a mentor teacher to plan and implement activities in the classroom; practice skills of evaluation that integrate knowledge, skills and dispositions.

Practicum Handbook

To be eligible for seminars and practicum placement, students must do each of the following:

1. Complete ECDE 1101 (formerly 1001), ECDE 1105 (1005), ECDE 1108 (1008), ECDE 1109 (1009), ECDE 2010, ENG 1100, PSY 1100,  and PSY 2261 with a grade of C or better.

2. Submit the following to the Practicum Coordinator, Amy Smith-Gonzalez, prior to, or at the very beginning of, a Practicum 1 Orientation meeting (see below for dates):

  • Fingerprint/Background Check Results (.docx)
    • IMPORTANT: Follow the explicit instructions on the Fingerprint/Background Check Information form. Note of caution: Your background check results must be on file before you can attend a Practicum 1 Orientation Meeting. START YOUR BACKGROUND CHECK when you are enrolled in the ECDE 1101 (formerly 1001) class as background checks can take a while to come back. If you delay in starting the process, it is possible your results will not come back in time for you to attend a Practicum 1 Orientation Meeting and enroll in your first practicum. Students with a criminal history should be aware that a criminal record might jeopardize the securing of a practicum placement.

  • Medical Statement
    • IMPORTANT: Your Medical Statement must be dated no earlier than 12 months prior to starting practicums. All three parts must be completely filled out and signed by a physician or nurse practitioner. You cannot submit a Medical Statement that has any statements written by a doctor stating “No shot record”, or “No shot record on file at time of physical”, or “No shot record--cannot verify immunizations”. If any of these statements (or similar ones) appear on your Medical Statement, then your Medical Statement is not valid and cannot be accepted. If you do not have an approved shot record (your doctor will determine if your shot record is acceptable), your doctor will either have you take a blood test to verify you have the antibodies or s/he will administer the vaccinations to you. Make sure you are proactive in getting an appointment scheduled so you will have time to get your Medical Statement completed and submitted to be eligible for practicum.

  • Non-Conviction Statement
    • IMPORTANT: Fill out the top box/portion of your Non-Conviction Statement. Include your address and phone number and sign the form. Do not date the form. Leave the date box next to your signature blank. Each time you participate in a practicum experience, you will make a copy of your original signed Non-Conviction Statement, and then add the current date of each semester to your form to give to your assigned practicum site director.

  • Practicum Placement Request Form (.docx)
    • IMPORTANT: Each time you register for a practicum you will submit this form to the ECDE Practicum Coordinator. The information on this form is used to place you in the most conveniently located practicum site as possible. This may be submitted up to a week after Practicum Orientation.

3. Complete the online Practicum 1 Orientation or attend one of the in-person Practicum 1 Orientation meetings. Please be mindful of deadlines for turning in required paperwork and completing Orientation. In order to participate in Practicum, all requirements must be completed in advance.