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Admission Procedures

Students seeking admission into the Early Childhood Development and Education Program to pursue an Associate of Applied Science degree must first be admitted to the college through records and registration; a Cougar ID card with student identification number and a student email address will be assigned at this time.

Conditional Acceptance to the ECDE Program (Pre-ECDE status)

Before students are eligible to register for any ECDE courses the following must be completed:

1. COMPASS Placement Test for reading, writing skills and math must be taken. Placement into ENGL 1100 Composition I or completion of ENG 1099 Composition Workshop is required prior to enrollment in any ECDE course. Additionally students must place beyond 'Reading Required' on the COMPASS test.

2. Students transferring from another college should follow admissions procedures as published in the current College Catalog. Records and Registration review college transcripts for transfer of General and Basic courses. Courses in which students have earned a "C" or better will be considered for transfer (K) credit.

The student's assigned ECDE advisor reviews early childhood courses for transfer into Early Childhood Development and Education. Students will be asked to supply course descriptions and course syllabi to facilitate the evaluation of transfer credit for ECDE courses. This process should begin as soon as possible to prevent duplication of course work.

Please note: Students who have a conviction on their permanent public record may not qualify to work with young children. If you have questions regarding this please see the ECDE Practicum Coordinator. A list of Prohibited Offenses can be found in the Appendix of the ECDE Handbook.

Formal Acceptance to the ECDE Program

Formal acceptance into the ECDE program will be completed by the student's permanent advisor. Students must submit an ECDE Major Application to their advisor. This application can be found on the ECDE Student Community on Blackboard and in the Appendix of this handbook. Requirements include:

1. Students must have completed the following courses with a grade of 'C' or higher:

  • ECDE 1001 (1101 as of AU15) Early Childhood Guidance & Curriculum
    Students will be required to complete an Orientation to the ECDE Program the semester they take ECDE 1001 (1101 as of AU15). This orientation is a course requirement for ECDE 1001 (1101 as of AU15). Students not attending this orientation will receive an Incomplete (I) in ECDE 1001 (1101 as of AU15) until they complete the orientation. Students will not be allowed to move on to other ECDE classes until they attend this orientation and receive a 'C' or higher in ECDE 1001 (1101 as of AU15).
  • ECDE 1002 (1102 as of AU15) Observing, Recording, and Assessment
  • ECDE 1005 (1105 as of AU15) Social Emotional Development & Curriculum
  • ECDE 1008 (1108 as of AU15) Creative Curriculum
  • ECDE 1009 (1109 as of AU15) Language & Literacy
  • PSY 2261 Child Development

2. Students must have an overall grade point average of 2.0 or higher, a non-technical GPA of 2.0 or higher, and a technical GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Please note: If a student drops below an overall or technical GPA of 2.0, the student will be removed from the ECDE program and put back into a pre-ECDE status. The student will not be able to continue in the ECDE program until the GPA(s) are above a 2.0.