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Admissions & Advising


Students seeking admission into the Early Childhood Development and Education Program must first be admitted to the college through Records and Registration. Before students are eligible to register for any ECDE courses the following must be completed:

1. Apply to Columbus State.

2. Complete appropriate Placement Testing. Placement into ENGL 1100 Composition I or completion of ENG 1099 Composition Workshop is required prior to enrollment in any ECDE course. 

3. Students transferring from another college should follow admissions procedures as published in the current College Catalog. Records and Registration will review college transcripts for transfer of General and Basic courses. Courses in which students have earned a "C" or better will be considered for transfer (K) credit. The student's assigned ECDE advisor will review early childhood courses for transfer into ECDE. Students will be asked to supply course descriptions and course syllabi to facilitate the evaluation of transfer credit for ECDE courses. This process should begin as soon as possible to prevent duplication of course work.

Please note: Students who have a conviction of a prohibited offense may not qualify to work with young children. Not all convictions disqualify a student from a position in early childhood, however, so if you have any questions, please see the ECDE Practicum Coordinator.

Prior to starting ECDE practicums, students must have a 2.0 or higher GPA (overall, non-technical, and technical) and must complete the following courses with a grade of 'C' or higher:

  • ECDE 1101 (or 1001) Early Childhood Curriculum
  • ECDE 1105 (or 1005) Social Emotional Development & Curriculum
  • ECDE 1108 (or 1008) Creative Curriculum
  • ECDE 1109 (or 1009) Language & Literacy
  • ECDE 2010 Infant Toddler Curriculum
  • PSY 1100 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 2261 Child Development


Advising Services

Students considering an ECDE major and current ECDE students who have not yet taken Practicum 1 (ECDE 2910), should receive advising through Health and Human Services Advising.

For information or to make an appointment with Health and Human Services Advising, please go to

After a student has completed all practicum prerequisites (see list above), an ECDE Faculty Advisor will be assigned by last name.

A - E Melanie Adams 614-287-5411
F - J Christine Creagh 614-287-5805
K - O Li Yang 740-203-8218
P - T Charvella McKaye 614-287-2871
U - Z Tricia May-Woods 614-287-2172

See an advisor for the following:

  • To create or review your overall Plan of Study. Your Plan of Study should be completed as soon as you declare an ECDE major. This process requires an in-person advising appointment. Remember to bring your Cougar ID number.
  • To discuss transfer possibilities to four-year Bachelors Degree programs.
  • To discuss transfer credit from other institutions.
  • To have your Petition to Graduate form completed. Forms must first be filled out by the student online (see the Columbus State website). An online graduate survey must also be completed. Petitions to graduate must be completed the semester prior to the graduation semester so that your advisor will have ample time to complete it and return it to you. The Petition to Graduate must be delivered to Records and Registration by the student before the final deadline. Receipts will be given by the Records and Registration Department only if requested. It is the student's responsibility to initiate and complete this petition to graduate process.

Please note: Faculty advising services WILL NOT be available during college breaks. It is the student's responsibility to plan ahead and schedule advising appointments appropriately. The Office of Health and Human Services Advising is open during most breaks. Please see their website for further information.