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Q: Do I have to apply to the College before I can apply to the Dental Hygiene program?

A: Yes. You must apply for admission to the college before you can apply to the Dental Hygiene Program.

Q: May I take other courses while I’m waiting to apply to the Dental Hygiene program?

A: Yes. You may take any courses on the Dental Hygiene plan of study except the Dental Hygiene Technical courses. In fact, we recommend that students try to complete as many of the general education and basic-related courses that they can. Although this is not a requirement, it makes the course load easier for the working student. The Dental Hygiene Program is an extremely demanding program academically, and students have reported that it is easier to manage when their other courses are out of the way.

Q: What do I do if I have attended another college? Which courses will transfer?

A: Generally speaking, if you have attended another college, you must have your transcripts reviewed by the Records and Registration Office to determine if your credits transfer. If you are granted transfer credits for English, you do not need to take the English placement test. All students must take the Reading placement test unless you have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.

Q: What about biological sciences taken at other colleges?

A: Generally speaking, courses taken at another accredited college and which have similar content and credit hours might be accepted as credit for required biological science courses. The Records and Registration Office can best assist you in reviewing your transcript to see which courses transfer.

Q: When are Dental Hygiene classes held?

A: Dental Hygiene classes are held in the afternoons and evenings, 5 days per week, generally beginning at 12 P.M. and ending at 8:30 P.M. Students may also have classes on Saturdays and extra enrichment requirements that require morning attendance.

Q: Where will the clinical training be held?

A: Clinical training is completed at the Ohio State University, College of Dentistry facilities. By formal agreement, we share their clinical facilities in the evenings.

Q: Is the program accredited?

A: The program has been granted the official status of “Accredited” by the American Dental Association, Council on Dental Education.

Q: I would like to finish the program in a year. Can I do that?

A: No. The program has been designed to span five consecutive semesters in order to provide the student with progressive skills acquisition. It cannot be completed in less than seven quarters.

Q: I would like to take some of the concurrent general-education or basic-related courses at a college nearer my home. What are my options?

A: You may complete any of these courses at any regionally-accredited college in Ohio. Please check with the Records and Registration Office ahead of time to see if a course is equivalent and will transfer. You may also wish to consider taking some of these courses as “Distance Learning” courses from Columbus State. Check our “Global Campus” website on the Internet for more information about our distance learning courses. The URL for the site is:

Q: What grades will I have to maintain during the program?

A: To be eligible for admission to the Dental Hygiene Program a student must have a minimum of an overall 2.95 GPA and must maintain an overall 2.75 GPA once admitted (in ALL courses) during the program of study.

Q: What about Math?

A: We do not have a Math course in our program of study, but we expect that students coming from either high school or college are already at a Math 1148 level. Many students enter the college already prepared to enter Math 1148.

Q: If I am admitted to the program, but I already have an Ohio Dental Radiography License, do I still have to take the Dental Hygiene Radiography courses?

A: Yes. The Radiography License is a minimum credential required for the field of Dental Assisting. The Dental Hygiene Radiography courses go into much more depth than is required by the State because more content is tested on the Dental Hygiene credentialing examinations.

Q: If I already work in a dental office, do I need to fulfill the observation at another office?

A: Yes. It is advantageous to observe dental hygienists fulfilling responsibilities in various settings.

Q: Does being employed as a dental assistant or office receptionist/manager qualify for credit towards the application process?

A: No. There is no credit in the application process.

Q: What is the process for ranking applicants?

A: See the score sheet in the application packet. Scores are based on course grades in all pre-requisite and co-requisite courses.

Q: Where will I be able to find the answers to my other questions?

A: The Information Sessions provide a forum for this. It is required that you attend an information session the year of application. Please note that latecomers will not be admitted to the session. They are held twice per summer, autumn, and winter quarters. The health advisers are also available to answer questions. Their offices are located in Aquinas Hall, Room 116. Information about the dental hygiene program is also located at