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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What the requirements to start the Construction Management Program (CMGT) at Columbus State Community College (CSCC)?

A. There are none other than the ones to gain admittance to CSCC.
See for details.

Q. Do I have to take General Education course first before I can take CMGT courses?

A. For the most part, no. ENGL 1100 or a Math course and COLS 1100 are usually taken the first term along with CMGT courses.

Q. How do I know what course to take?

A. Your CMGT faculty advisor will assist you with an initial degree and/or certificate plan of completion, then assist you as the next term’s course offerings are made available for registration. Your DARS (Degree Audit Report System) report is an excellent planning tool. (Find DARS under "My Degree Audit" in CougarWeb)

Q. How long will it take to complete my degree and/or certificate?

A. It varies depending upon your other obligations with family, work and other commitments you have. The majority of students attend part time and take 2-3 courses per term, resulting in degree completion in an average of three years. Certificates take less time as there are fewer courses to take, and certificate courses count towards the CMGT degree.

Q. What about technical transfer credits from CSCC to a four-year school?

A. It is ultimately up to the receiving institution. Due to the four decades of success that the CMGT program has had, and with the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) accreditation, many, if not all, technical credits will transfer. Check with your CMGT advisor and the target school.