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Computer Science

mobile development coursesNew mobile app development courses

The demand for mobile app development is growing, with over 30,000 mobile application developer positions expected to be created by the year 2020. To meet this demand, the Computer Science Department at Columbus State has partnered with industry experts to offer in-depth courses in iOS and Android.

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Computer information technology is an integral part of nearly every business and organization. As a result, today’s computer professional must possess not only fundamental computing skills but also broader-based skills in planning, working in teams and business operations

The Computer Science Department’s core curriculum provides graduates with a foundation in logic, programming, operating systems, applications, systems analysis, and networking. Additional courses are included to prepare students with the various skills they will need in industry – such skills as information management, financial analysis, teamwork, communications skills, and customer service. Many of these courses are available in a distance learning/Web based format.

IT Recruitment

Our grads are in demand

Companies recruit on campus for IT talent, and give advice on how to get job-ready.

Students may choose to specialize in a particular plan of study such as Network Administrator, Software Developer, User Support, or Web Developer. Computer Science offers a number of industry subject-specific certificates in database, networking, hardware/software, and applications. Web Developer majors may transfer and complete a baccalaureate degree in Technical Education and Training at The Ohio State University.