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Film Curriculum

imageComm 245 Introduction to Film
(A, W, SP, SU-DL)
5 credits

Comm 245 is the pre-requisite for a film major at The Ohio State University.

This course will introduce students to cinema by analyzing the elements of film technique: literature, story, drama, editing, movement, acting, sound, photography, mise en scene, and theory. Film as cultural product will also be considered. Course activities will include critical viewing, oral presentation, tests, and writing assignments.

Prerequisite: "C" or higher in ENGL 102 or 111 or equivalent

Look for other courses in film coming to Columbus State soon. We are working to introduce film as a pre-major at Columbus State.

Introduction to Film Studies I: Film Theory and Criticism and Introduction to Film Studies II: Film Genre are both in the planning stages. These are the next 2 courses for students planning a film major after successful completion of Comm 245 Introduction to Film.