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COMM 115 Proficiency Examination

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COMM 115 Proficiency Examination

Complete the attached COMM 115 Proficiency Examination TEST APPLICATION and return it to Libby McGlone (in her mailbox in Nestor Hall 420 or via Fax at 287-5375).

Once your application is received, Libby McGlone will contact you to set up a two-hour exam session.

Once a date has been scheduled, pay the $50 fee at the Cashier’s Office in Rhodes Hall. You must pay the fee prior to taking the exam and give the receipt to Libby McGlone at the start of the exam.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Libby McGlone at 287-3659 or .


This examination consists of three parts:

1. a written critique of a videotaped oral interpretation provided by the Communication Skills Department (1 hour)

2. a live oral interpretation performance by the candidate (5-7 minutes)

3. a 50 question written test

To receive proficiency credit for COMM 115, the candidate must receive a “B” or better rating (80%) on each part of the exam.


After viewing the videotaped performance provided, write an essay of at least 300 words discussing the performer’s use of voice and body language to create a distinct character or characters-a persona or personas with unique physical, emotional, and psychological traits appropriate to the literary selection.

In your essay provide specific examples of the performer’s use of various vocal elements-volume, pitch, rate/pacing, quality (timbre), inflection, vocal variety, pronunciation and articulation. Also provide specific examples of the performer’s use of physical elements-facial expressions, gestures, movement, posture/stance, and eye contact. Comment on how these elements contribute to the creation of a character or characters.

Feel free to view the tape, or selections of it, as often as you wish, time permitting.


Choose a literary selection or series of related works or excerpts totaling 5 to 7 minutes, including introduction and transitions:

  • a short story or excerpt from a short story,
  • a monologue from a play or a series of monologues from the same play (spoken by the same or different characters), or
    a series of short poems that develop a particular theme or idea.

Prepare an oral interpretation performance of your selection or selections. The attached EVALUATION FORM will provide some guidelines. Keep them in mind as you rehearse the performance.

The performance must be between 5 to 7 minutes in length, including introduction and transitional material.

While you are permitted to have a manuscript of your selection(s) during the performance, you should not be reading the material. The material should be virtually memorized: the amount of off-book focus should greatly exceed the amount of on-book focus.

A music stand and a stool will be provided, if you wish to use them.


This is a 50 question exam. Questions will either be multiple choice or true/false. It is recommended that you study the text that is used in Comm115 to prepare for the test:

Yordon, Judy E. Roles in Interpretation. 5th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2002.