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Resources & Links

This list provides links for many useful business sources that you may find valuable and interesting. All are excellent sources for business research. –This is a comprehensive source of business news and information

Business Week magazine - This is a very good weekly business news magazine that you will find useful.

CIA World Fact Book - This website provides an in-depth source for international research.

CNN Money –This website has excellent articles on a wide variety of business topics.

Fortune magazine –This magazine includes excellent articles on a wide variety of business topics.

Google Finance -This is a great source for business news and company information.

Investopedia - Many students want to learn more about investing, and this site is a good place to start.

MSN Money - This is another useful link that offers a wide range of business news and company and industry news and information. – This website has valuable statistics, data, and information for international research. It is very easy to navigate. - This website is a great resource for exploring entrepreneurial opportunities if you are considering starting your own business.

Yahoo Finance - This is an excellent business resource with daily news as well as a wealth of information on companies and industries. If you do not know the stock symbol for a company, just begin to type the name and you will see "prompts" appear that will assist you. Then, when you enter that company's stock symbol, you will see a wide range of information on each company's recent headlines, stock performance information, quotes, financial information etc. Look at the left hand menu on the page and review the various resources there.