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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the program?

 The program is a full two years (6 semesters including summers). A student may elect to attend part-time during the Maintenance and Light Repair section, but that will result in a longer timeframe.

Automotive Technology at Columbus StateWhen are the classes offered?

The Maintenance and Light Repair classes are offered during the morning, afternoon or evening depending on the 8-week term schedule.  Ford Specific classes are generally offered from 8:00am to 2:00pm, Monday through Friday during the "On-Campus" terms. See Plan of Study.

What books do students have to buy?

Students need to buy those books required for all non-technical courses and the “AUTO” classes in the Maintenance and Light Repair section.  Books for "FORD" classes are provided for the cost of printing (included in lab fees).

Will I need tools?

Columbus State provides all tools and equipment for on-campus training.  You will need tools in the dealership during the co-op sessions.  Many of the tool companies have substantial discounts for students through Columbus State.  See Dave Hill-Lab Tech, for details.  Required tool list.


How much will I make during the paid work experience?

See Recommended Pay in the Paid Work Experience section. 

Can I continue my education after receiving an Associate’s Degree?

Yes.  CSCC has agreements with Franklin University and Ohio University.
See Transfer Option.

Automotive Technology at Columbus State