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Plan of Study


The Plan of Study is a guide for students that lists course requirements and a suggested order. Since most students enter the program at different levels and times, it is important to talk to a Faculty Advisor when developing a plan of what classes to take and when they should be taken. All of our programs start with AUTO 1101 and AUTO 1106. These courses are best if taken during the same term, but they can be scheduled in separate terms as long as AUTO 1101 is taken first.

MOST AUTOMOTIVE CLASSES ARE OFFERED IN 8-WEEK TERMS.  During Autumn Semester there is 1st 8-week term followed by a 2nd 8-week term.  The same holds true for Spring Semester. 

NOTE: During Summer Semester there is only one 8-week term.

During AUTO 1101, students are introduced to the various program options available to them. Students are also given advice on what classes to schedule for the next semester. For further information, students should see GETTING STARTED or schedule an appointment with their assigned Faculty Advisor.

Click here for suggested Plans of Study.