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imageCan I be admitted to the CPA examination in Ohio with an associates degree in accounting?

Yes, as long as you also have a score of 1200 or higher on the verbal and quantitative sections of the Graduate Record Examination. For more information contact the Accountancy Board of Ohio at 

What courses can I take to get the extra hours needed to meet the 150 semester hours requirement for students with a baccalaureate degree to be admitted to the CPA examination in Ohio?   

For more information contact the Accountancy Board of Ohio at 

I have a degree in a non-accounting area and I want to qualify to be admitted to the CPA examination in Ohio. Does CSCC have a program that is shorter than an associate degree in accounting that will qualify me to sit for the Ohio CPA exam?

The Certificate of Accounting  Plan of Study is to prepare the student to meet the accounting course requirements under Ohio law to sit for the Ohio CPA exam.  Please note that Accountancy academic requirements are subject to change.  Be sure to check the Accountancy Board's website at periodically for up-to-date information and for non-accounting academic requirements.  .

May I have credit for my job?  I have worked in accounts payable for 10 years.

No.  We do not give academic credit for work experience.

I had financial accounting 10 years ago, why should I repeat it?

It is the foundation of your accounting courses, and you will struggle in your subsequent courses if you lack the skills taught in the beginning courses.

I want to be a CPA, I have a degree, but your certificate program takes five semesters.  What accounting courses can I skip to get through the program faster? 

You can skip them all, but then you will not be qualified to sit for the Ohio CPA exam and you will not have the required knowledge in all of  the CPA exam content areas.

What do I need to do to be successful in the accounting program?

When you take acct 1211 you must be willing to make a commitment.  This course is fast paced and you never want to get behind.  This is not a course to study 8 hours on Sunday and then not study for the rest of the week and expect success.  Study an hour or so a day.  It is not a foreign language, but the analogy to studying a foreign language is appropriate.  You learn accounting in chunks.  Spacing out your study time is the key for success for most students.

When I tested my proficiency in math, I had some remedial courses to take.  Must I take these before I take accounting?  

ACCT 1211 is at the Math 1020 level. ACCT 1212, ACCT 2211 and ACCT 2250 require algebra and are at the Math 1030 level.  We suggest taking the math first.

What courses from previous college will I get credit for here?

You must first submit your transcript to the records and registration office to have this determined.

I have a degree from a foreign country?  Will I get credit for course taken there?

There are services that provide foreign degree evaluations.  Contact the Accountancy Board of Ohio at

I have a degree from a foreign country?  Am I eligible to use this to take the CPA exam?  

Contact the Accountancy Board of Ohio at

Can I attend CSCC in the Summer Semester and complete ACCT 1211 Financial Accounting and ACCT 1212 Managerial Accounting before I start the Autumn semester in August at my home college?

Yes, ACCT 1211 and ACCT 1212 can be taken during Summer Semester and will end in early August, before the beginning of most schools Autumn Semester.