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Paralegal Studies (LEGL) 2016-2017

LEGL 1101 Introduction to Paralegal Studies & Ethics (A, SP, SU) 3 credits

This course focuses on the responsibilities and duties of paralegals. The student will learn the history and growth of the paralegal occupation, educational options and the professional organizations which impact the paralegal. The course contains an extensive overview of the basic legal processes in the United States, with an emphasis placed on the ethical duties, obligations and responsibilities of the paralegal. Finally, the student will be given an opportunity to explore an introduction to legal research and writing and technology and how it impacts the paralegal profession.

Lecture: 3 hours

Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL 1100 Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 1102 Law Office Technology (A, SP, SU) 3 credits

This course is an introduction to office management procedures unique to law offices, including computerized time keeping and billing programs. Emphasis will be placed on the development of accurate record-keeping and organizational skills. The course will provide hands-on experiences by utilizing various legal software packages for students to apply to typical legal office situations.

Lecture: 2 hours – Lab: 2 hours Lab fee: $100.00

LEGL 1105 Torts & Contracts (A, SP, SU) 3 credits

In this course, the two cornerstones of legal practice, torts and contracts, will be extensively reviewed. Course will present the elements, theories and principles of torts and contracts and their impact on the everyday
practice of law.

Lecture: 3 hours Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 1111 Research and Writing (A, SP) 3 credits

This course offers an introduction to conducting legal research and to the proper methods for preparing briefs, pleadings and memoranda of law. Locating, analyzing, and checking of case law is emphasized. Students will learn proper citation methods and legal writing style, as well as become familiar with the Ohio Rules and Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure. Students will be taught primary and secondary sources. The Lexis legal database will be introduced.

Lecture: 2 hours – Lab: 2 hours

Prerequisite: LEGL 1101, LEGL 1102 Lab fee: $60.00

LEGL 2005 Civil Practice & Procedure (A, SP) 3 credits

In this course, the student will learn the civil process of a typical trial through a study of the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and Federal and State Rules of Evidence. The elements of a tort claim will be discussed with the drafting of pleading and how e-discovery and other pretrial processes and impact the legal process and the paralegal.

Lecture: 3 hours Lab fee: $60.00

LEGL 2010 Criminal Law & Procedure (SP, SU) 3 credits

The Ohio Criminal Code and Rules of Criminal Procedure will be the foundation of this examination of the pretrial and post-trial procedures in a criminal case. Students will be exposed to the criminal justice system from the elements of the offenses through post-conviction remedies. The drafting of motions and other documents associated with criminal matters will be included.

Lecture: 3 hours Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 2012 Advanced Legal Research (SP, SU) 3 credits

This course is an intense production-oriented research and writing course designed to prepare the student to function under the requirement of rapid completion of research and writing assignments commonly made in law offices and other legal environments. The student will encounter a variety of opportunities, including motions, pleadings and briefs, the production of which will require both speed and accuracy and will incorporate both printed and computer-based research strategies.

Lecture: 2 hours – Lab: 2 hours

Prerequisite: LEGL 1111 Lab fee: $60.00

LEGL 2014 Family Law (A, SP) 3 credits

This course explores domestic relations matters including marriage, divorce, dissolution, child custody and support, visitation and adoption. The law regulating such matters, and the drafting of appropriate documents, will be emphasized.

Lecture: 3 hours Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 2015 Electronic Discovery (A) 3 credits

This course is designed to familiarize the student with the basic principles of electronic gal proceedings. Additionally, the student will become familiar with sources of potential evidence and the technical, procedural, and evidentiary rules that regulate locating, retrieving, and reviewing those sources.

Lecture: 3 hours Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 2018 Probate Law (SP, SU) 3 credits

This course is a study of the law of wills, trusts, living wills, health care power of attorney forms, estates and estate administration including estate taxation. The student will draft basic wills trust and plan a living will. Testate and intestate estates, law of descent and distribution, estate planning and other probate processes will be discussed.

Lecture: 3 hours Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 2019 Real Estate (A, SP) 3 credits

In this course the student will study the law governing real property, its ownership, sale, lease and other conveyances. Student will draft basic real estate documents utilized in the transfer of interest in real estate. The student will also study the concepts of tenant landlord law. The course will examine the title search of real estate as well as title insurance.

Lecture: 3 hours Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 2023 Immigration Law (SP) 3 credits

This course is an overview of Federal Immigration Law and practices for assisting immigrants and illegal aliens. The student will learn the origins of immigration law and explore current developments. Course also reviews the classification of aliens, their legal rights, and the administrative and judicial processes involving immigration cases.

Lecture: 3 hours Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 2024 Business Organizations (SP, SU) 3 credits

This class covers the fundamentals of the formation of business entities including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, limited liability entities and nonprofits. Students will prepare documents regarding the formation of such organizations and learn how statutes regulate and control the formation and operation of business entities on the state and

federal level.

Lecture: 3 hours Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 2026 Administrative Law (A, SP) 3 credits

In this class, students will study the history and origins of administrative agencies on the federal and state level. An examination of statutory law, case law, and current administrative rules and actions will be utilized to develop an understanding of the role and authority of administrative agencies. Particular attention will be paid to due process, formal and informal agency actions, and their rulemaking procedures. The paralegal's role in administrative adjudication will be emphasized.

Lecture: 3 hours Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 2029 Certified Paralegal Exam Review (SP) 3 credits

This course is designed as a review course for the student wishing to take the Certified Paralegal Exam. The student will intensively review and complete practice exercises encompassing all areas of procedural and substantive law and ethics included on the Certified Paralegal

Exam. A mock CP exam will be administered.

Lecture: 3 hours Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 2038 Insurance Law (SP) 2 credits

LEGL 2038 is an introduction to insurance law. The course will include principles of indemnity, interests protected, the transfer of risk, and claims processes. The student will be taught the impact of administrative law and civil litigation as it relates to insurance.

Lecture: 2 hours Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 2043 Alternative Dispute Resolution (A, SP, SU) 3 credits

This course examines the legal, ethical, and policy issues that arise in the use of negotiation, mediation, arbitration, mini-trials, summary jury trials and conciliation. The student will have the opportunity to learn mediation skills for personal and professional situations.

Lecture: 3 hours Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 2044 Debtor/Creditor Relations (SP) 2 credits

This course will introduce students to the respective legal rights of creditors and debtors provided under federal and state law governing debt collection procedures. Students will learn the statutory and regulatory structure, location and jurisdiction of bankruptcy law and bankruptcy courts and their nonjudicial officers. Parties and proceedings will be discussed and students will receive an overview of the different bankruptcy chapters, forms and PACER filing system.

Lecture: 2 hours Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 2050 Intellectual Property (SP) 3 credits

This course explores the world of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets as well as the history and origins of federal, state and foreign law which regulates the registration and ownership of these business assets. The course will discuss case law that covers these areas. Special emphasis will be given to the impact of the digital, electronic and Internet world in this specialized legal area. The student will learn the processes involved in registering and protecting these assets and the role of the legal professional in assisting the intellectual property client.

Lecture: 3 hours Lab fee: $40.00

LEGL 2051 Computer Assisted Legal Research (SU) 2 credits

This course will expose the Paralegal student to the ever-expanding role of computer assisted research, an alternative to traditional, manual legal research. The student will explore Web research techniques and sites to obtain both legal and nonlegal information. The student will be required to complete a series of projects on Lexis and Westlaw Skills sets in which the student will become proficient with the various uses and functions of electronic legal information retrieval.

Lecture: 1 hour – Lab: 2 hours

Prerequisite: LEGL 2012 Lab fee: $100.00

LEGL 2061 Business Law I (A, SP, SU) 3 credits

This course offers students a survey of the legal framework of business, the nature of legal systems and the law, including contracts, criminal, and the law of tort, intellectual property and cyberlaw. It also explores the law of agency, corporation, partnerships, and property.

Lecture: 3 hours

LEGL 2064 Legal Environment of Business (A, SP, SU) 3 credits

This course presents an overview of the American legal system with an introduction to the legal concepts and principles that form its foundation. The course will examine the judicial system and methods of dispute resolution, while focusing on business crimes and torts, including product liability, ethics, contract formation and enforcement, consumer protection, employment law, environmental regulations, business organizations, particularly sole proprietorship, partnerships, and corporations. Students will be able to understand the legal ramifications of their business decisions.

Lecture: 3 hours

LEGL 2072 Mediation (SP, SU) 2 credits

This course is an intensive overview of the mediation process. Students will study both statutory and private mediation processes. Students will review domestic relations mediation, employment fact-finding and labor mediation processes. Additionally, the student will learn the different models of mediation with particular emphasis on the Seven Step Model. Each student will be involved in preparing and conducting several mediation role-playing sessions as both mediator and participant. Each student will conduct an in-class mediation and prepare a mediation notebook as a final project.

Lecture: 2 hours

Prerequisite: LEGL 2043

LEGL 2194 Special Topics in Paralegal Studies (On Demand) 1-3 credits

This course is a special topics course designed to allow the student to research and develop an understanding of legal-assisting issues unique to the interest of the student and for which there is no other course available.
Lecture: 1-3 hours

LEGL 2815 LEGL Practicum & Seminar (A, SP, SU) 2 credits

This course offers a guided internship work experience in an office, agency, or business providing legal services. Exact duties are decided upon by agreement of the student and administrators of the placement site. The seminar discusses the work experiences and explores strategies to improve work performance. The development of an e-portfolio and preparation of resumes, interviewing and electronic job searching will be explored.

Seminar: 1 hour - Practicum: 7 hours Lab fee: $40.00