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Multi-Competency Health (MULT) 2014-2015

These are 2014-2015 course descriptions.

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MULT 1010 Medical Terminology (A, SP, SU)

2 credits
This introductory course provides an overview of medical language. Emphasis will be placed on terms that are practical and commonly found in the day-to-day work of all allied health professions. This concise course gives basic principles for understanding the language with an overview of terms from many areas of medicine.
Lecture: 2 hours
Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL 1100        Lab fee: $5.00

MULT 1020 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (A, SP, SU)

0.50 credit
MULT 1020 covers cardiopulmonary resuscitation and foreign body airway obstruction removal for adults, children and infants. This course includes training on the use of bag valve masks, automated external defibrillators (AED) and cricoid pressure. Students completing this course are eligible for American Heart Association Healthcare Provider certification. This course follows 2010 Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) guidelines and is Professional level CPR.
Lecture: 0.50 hour
Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL 1100          Lab fee: $40.00

MULT 1030 Responding to Emergencies (A, SP, SU)

2 credits
This course covers the requirements for Red Cross Certification including artificial respiration, bleeding control, treatment of shock, and care of fractures. This course includes MULT 1020. American Heart Association CPR-Basic Life Support.
Lecture: 1 hour - Lab: 2 hours
Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL 1100          Lab fee: $55.00

MULT 1040 Adult and Pediatric CPR (A, SP, SU)

0.50 credit
This course is based on the 2010 guidelines and standards set forth by the American Heart Association (AHA) in Heartsaver AED CPR. This course covers Adult and Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillation (AED) and care to relieve a foreign body airway obstruction (FBAO) for the non-health care professional audience.
Lecture: 0.50 hour           Lab fee: $40.00

MULT 1050 Exploring Health Care Professions (A, SP, SU)

1 credit
Because the health care industry has many career pathways to consider, this course is designed to help the student explore and understand his/her personal and professional interest as a health professional.
Lecture: 1 hour
Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL 1100

MULT 1170 Current Issues: HIV (A, SP, SU)

1 credit
This is an introductory course covering the psychological, social, legal, and epidemiological issues surrounding HIV infection.
Lecture: 1 hour
Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL 1100

MULT 1194 Special Topics: Multi-Competency (A, SP, SU)

1-4 credits
This course provides various topics in response to community needs and to meet industry standards.
Lecture: Varies
Prerequisite: Instructor permission required.

MULT 1500 Concepts for the Pharmacy Technician (A, SP, SU)

4 credits
This course prepares students to work under the supervision of a registered Pharmacist in preparing medications for dispensing to patients according to physician orders. Topics covered include reading and interpreting prescriptions, dosage calculations, aseptic technique, drug compounding, dose conversions, inventory control, billing and reimbursement. This course prepares students for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam.
Lecture: 4 hours
Corequisites: MATH 1000, BMGT 1008, MKTG 1230

MULT 1910 Basic Electrocardiography (A, SP)

3 credits
This course is provides the necessary information to correctly perform the twelve lead EKG, instrumentation source of error, explanation of result, introduction to health care, anatomy and physiology of the heart, and basic dysrhythmia recognition.
Lecture: 2.5 hours - Lab: 1 hour - Directed Practice: 1 hour
Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL 1100          Lab fee: $28.00

MULT 1916 Venipuncture for Health Care Providers (SP)

2 credits
Basic blood collection techniques by venipuncture will be covered and practiced in the student laboratory and clinical settings. Emphasis is on basic skills, safety and infection control.
Lecture: 1 hour - Lab: 1 hour - Directed Practice: 2 hours
Prerequisites: MLT 1110, MLT 1111               Lab fee: $28.00

MULT 1950 Phlebotomy (A, SP)

3.50 credits
This course is the first of a two-course sequence required to be eligible for a national exam which will qualify the student as a certified phlebotomist. The course will include various blood collection and handling procedures, using a variety of techniques and equipment. To support these skills, other topics included in this course include safety, the health care system, quality assurance and professional standards. A 48-hour clinical experience is required.
Lecture: 2 hours - Lab: 3 hours - Directed Practice: 3.20 hours
Prerequisites: Placement into ENGL 1100 and MULT 1010, completed with grade of “C” or higher
Lab fee: $55.00

MULT 2070 HR Management for Health Services (A)

2 credits
The focus of this course is the application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of human resource management principles and practices for healthcare managers.
Lecture: 2 hours
Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL 1100

MULT 2072 Health Care Resource Management (A)

2 credits
This course is designed to provide management approaches to health care resources (budget, equipment, supplies, etc.). It is intended for health care managers with limited financial skills.
Lecture: 2 hours
Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL 1100

MULT 2074 TQM/UM/Accreditation (SP)

2 credits
This course prepares health care professionals to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate principles and practices of Total Quality Management, Utilization Management, and Accreditation.
Lecture: 2 hours
Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL 1100

MULT 2076 Legal Aspects of Risk Management (SP)

2 credits
This course provides a basic overview of the legal aspects of health services management and develops a general framework for managers to understand the legal dimension of problems.
Lecture: 2 hours
Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL 1100

MULT 2950 Phlebotomy Practicum II (SP, SU)

1 credit
This course is designed to be a continuation of MULT 1950 by providing an additional 75 hours clinical phlebotomy experience and requiring an additional 60 successful blood collections in an inpatient setting. Phlebotomy Practicum II is designed for students who intend to be a professional phlebotomist and will be arranged individually. MULT 1950 and MULT 2950 complete the NAACLS approved program.
Directed Practice: 5 hours
Prerequisites: Instructor permission required; MULT 1950, completed with minimum grade of “C”