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Sterile Processing Technology (SPT)

SPT 1861 Sterile Processing Tech I(A)

9 credits
This course presents and discusses the development and history of a modern Sterile Processing Department. It also looks at the roles and responsibilities of Sterile Processing Technicians. Class reviews the anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to processing of medical devices and patient care equipment. There is a discussion of basic micro- biology and the identification of common microbes and diseases found in today's health care environment. Course also introduces infection control techniques in relation to disease transmission and demonstrates appropriate decontamination techniques and protocol of medical devices and patient care equipment to eliminate the occurrence of a health care-acquired infection. Course discusses federal and private organizations affecting daily functions in this field of study, as well as the legal and ethical aspects of Sterile Processing practice. Course provides hands-on clinical experience in understanding the Central Service Department workflow: decontamination (Soiled Items) to Preparation/Packaging/Sterilization (Clean Items) to Sterile Storage (Sterile Items).

Students will learn to utilize medical terminology to interpret correct procedures listed on surgery schedules/ preference sheets/instrument count sheets and to use their knowledge of anatomy in indentifying surgical procedures and sterile supplies associated with those procedures while performing the activity of pulling case carts. Students will learn to don personal protective equipment (PPE) in the decontamination area and utilize PPE during the sorting and washing activities performed in that area because they have grasped the concept of transmission of microorganisms. Course further demonstrates the appropriate use of tools for cleaning, i.e., brushes, sponges, stylets, high pressure nozzles, etc., in the decontamination area. Manufacturer's recom- mendations will be referenced for appropriate washing and sterilization of equipment and instrumentation. Students will learn and demonstrate proper hand hygiene and will apply the use of universal standard precau- tions for infection prevention and control.
Lecture: 4 hours - Clinical: 15 hours
Prerequisite: Admission to the SPT program     Lab fee: $50.00


SPT 1862 Sterile Process Tech II (SP)                             

9 credits
This course presents and discusses the techniques and protocol of processing patient care equipment. Students will learn about the various packaging methods currently in use in today's health care environment for sterile processing of critical medical devices. There will be discus- sion and identification of surgical instruments, including techniques for recognizing instrumental damage and/or poor working condition to allow technicians to remove items for preventive maintenance. There will also be discussion and identification of the various methods of sterilization currently used in health care and of appropriate monitoring techniques used to achieve the required degree of sterile assurance level. Identification of sterile storage procedures and concepts. Review and demonstration of appropriate distribution methods and effect each has on the cost of med/ surgical supplies. Course will present and discuss the history, development and current trends in the daily operation of modern hospitals, as well as hospital governance, administration and management.

Course includes a review of the functions of clinical inpatient care areas, outpatient care, surgery, emergency services, ancillary diagnostic and rehabilitation ser- vices. Students will also explore patient, facility and administrative support services. There will be discussion of the critical, interrelated functions of all the departments of a hospital to insure quality patient care is delivered. Students will be introduced to hospital budgeting, marketing, financing, billing, quality improvement and accreditation. Case studies will be used to emphasize ethical concerns that may arise in performance of duties.
Lecture: 4 hours - Clinical: 15 hours
Prerequisite: SPT 1861    Lab fee: $50.00


SPT-1863 Sterile Process Technology BIO (A, SP, SU)   

2 credits
This course will provide an introduction to the Central Service areas of a major hospital system. Orientation for the various roles and responsibilities of the Sterile Processing Technologist will be presented. Course also introduces basic sciences and scientific vocabulary, including anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and medical terminology. Regulations and standards for the successful function of a Sterile Processing Technology Unit are explored. Infection prevention and safety considerations are related to the duties of decontamination, disinfection and sterilization of supplies and equipment associated with the duties of the Central Service or Sterile Processing Department. Surgical patient care concepts are related to the sterilization of instrumentation and equipment to include pre/intra/post-operative routines for inventory management and tracking systems, point of care processing for various high and low temperature sterilization systems.
Lecture: 2 hours    Lab fee: $111.90