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Engineering Technologies (ENGT)

These are 2013-2014 course descriptions.

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ENGT 1100 Intro to Eng. Technology (A, SP, SU)

2 credits
This course is designed to introduce the beginning student to the department and engineering technology in general. Career options, engineer interviews, and plant tours, as well as hands-on experiences in the different disciplines, are included in the course.
Lecture: 1 hour – Lab: 2 hours

ENGT 1115 Engineering Graphics (A, SP, SU)

3 credits
This course covers basic blueprint reading, sketching, drafting, and beginning AutoCAD. It is the prerequisite to MECH 1145 (2D CAD). Lecture: 1 hour – Lab: 4 hours
Lab fee: $22.00

ENGT 2260 Basic Mechanisms & Drives (A, SP, SU)

4 credits
This course will cover the kinematic motion of machines and basic machine mechanisms (gears, belts, sprockets, bearings, clutches, couplings, springs, etc.). It will also examine the basic drives of such mechanisms (electric motors and hydraulic and pneumatic actuators).
Lecture: 3 hours – Lab: 3 hours
Prerequisite: ENGT 1115        Lab fee: $33.00