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Civil Engineering Technology (CIVL)

These are 2013-2014 course descriptions.

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CIVL 1120 Construction Material Science (A, SP, SU)

3 credits
This course offers a comprehensive study of the properties, construction applications, standards, specifications and elementary material testing methods of soils, aggregates, asphalts, Portland cement concrete, masonry, metals and woods. Laboratory exercises include fundamental common construction industry materials testing procedures and comparison of results to industry standards and specifications. The laboratory exercises also provide preparation for the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Grade 1
Concrete Field Technician exam. Preparation in the ACI Grade 1 Concrete
Field Technician test is a course requirement. Lecture: 2 hours - Lab: 3 hours
Prerequisite: MATH 1075 or higher       Lab fee: $30.00

CIVL 1230 Heavy Construction Estimating (SP)

3 credits
This course is a comprehensive study of the topics associated with, and unique to, heavy/highway construction estimating. The major focus of the course will involve determining the cost factors of the equipment-intensive operations associated with heavy/highway construction. The secondary focus will be relating the equipment selection and cost factors to the labor requirements, materials’ price extensions, and time requirements as utilized in the model crew method of estimating.
Lecture: 2 hours - Lab: 3 hours
Prerequisite: MATH 1075 or higher       Lab fee: $23.00

CIVL 1320 Statics & Strength of Materials (A, SP)

3 credits
CIVL 1320 introduces the study of static forces and equilibrium and the resultant stress, strain, deformation, failure and strength analysis of structures under loads. Course also covers the concepts of torsion, modulus of elasticity, shear, bending, centroids and moments of inertia.
Lecture: 2 hours - Lab: 3 hours
Prerequisites: MATH 1075 or higher, CIVL 1120
Lab fee: $30.00

CIVL 2210 Principles of Hydraulics (A)

3 credits
This course is a study of liquids at rest and in motion in enclosed conduits and open channels. The effects of static head, velocity, pressure and friction in enclosed piping systems are analyzed. Principles of pump systems, pump station design and detailing are emphasized. Fundamentals of open channel flow, quantification of rainfall runoff and culvert design are introduced. System analysis is performed using traditional methods and the use of AutoDesk Civil 3-D.
Lecture: 2 hours - Lab: 3 hours
Prerequisite: MATH 1075 or higher        Lab fee: $23.00

CIVL 2230 Public Utility Systems (SP)

3 credits
This course is a study of the principles of public utility theory, planning, design and detailing. Emphasis is placed on applying current design standards and local and state regulations to the planning, design and plan preparation for sanitary collection systems, storm water management systems and water distribution systems (network analysis). Detail plan preparation using AutoDesk Civil 3-D systems is also emphasized. Lecture: 2 hours - Lab: 3 hours
Prerequisite: CIVL 2210         Lab fee: $30.00

CIVL 2910 Field Experience (On Demand)

3 credits
Field Experience offers real-world, off-campus job/work experience in civil engineering, consulting engineering, or the surveying industry that augments formal education received in the technology. Nontraditional Credit (“N”) will not be allowed for this course.
Field Experience: 40 hours
Instructor permission required

CIVL 2994 Special Topics: Civil Engineering Technology (On Demand)

1-3 credits
The study of special topics in civil engineering technology industry designed to meet specific needs.
Lecture: 1 hour
Instructor permission required